Best PMS in India – Top 10 Portfolio Management of 2024

This article will explore the Best PMS in India and compare them based on multiple parameters.

So, are you planning to invest your hard-earned money in the stock market or considering a substantial investment?

Investing in the most suitable investment option is the easiest way to increase your bank balance.

Nowadays, many people explore newer investment avenues but need help to keep track of their investments. But why do people need professional help to track their investments?

It’s because it takes plenty of time to identify the most suitable, high-return investment options to achieve your financial objectives, and you might have a hectic schedule.

Moreover, you need extensive financial knowledge to make more informed investment decisions. It’s when Portfolio Management Service (PMS) comes to the help.

Best PMS in India - Top 10 Portfolio Management in India

Best PMS in India – List of Top 10 Portfolio Managers in India

Si. No. Portfolio Management Services
1 Motilal Oswal PMS
2 360 One PMS
4 White Oak PMS
5 Invesco PMS
6 ValueQuest PMS
8 Alchemy PMS
9 Banyan Tree PMS
10 Kotak PMS

Are you looking forward to investing your money in different investment options, from stocks to mutual funds? But you are not aware of the know-how of other investment options.

Moreover, you are busy with your work and, thus, don’t have enough time to keep track of your investments.

In such a situation, seeking the Best Portfolio Management support is your ultimate solution. Now, what makes Portfolio Management Services the best in the financial industry?

The best PMS providers are updated about the high-return offering investment options, their features, and charges.

They will expertly manage your investment portfolio and help you decide where to invest how much of your money to achieve your financial objective.

From Motilal Oswal PMS to Kotak PMS, all 10 PMS in the list are registered with SEBI and are well-known for offering premium PMS services.

Based on our evaluation, Motilal Oswal is the best-known PMS in India, followed by 360 One, ASK, White Oak, Invesco, ValueQuest, ICICI, Alchemy, Banyan Tree, and Kotak PMS.

Compare Best Portfolio Management in India

Brand Active Clients Avg. 1 Yr. Return AUM (Rs.) Experience
Motilal Oswal 12,500+ Approx. 22% 10,609 Cr. 36 Years
360 One 7,500+ Approx. 26% 19,195 Cr. 6 Years
ASK 19,000+ Approx. 22% 26,868 Cr. 40 Years
White Oak 6,500+ Approx. 22% 13,949 Cr. 10 Years
Invesco 950+ Approx. 35% 9,458 Cr. 16 Years
ValueQuest 490+ Approx. 36% 7,061 Cr. 13 Years
ICICI 5,900+ Approx. 41% 6,011 Cr. 28 Years
Alchemy 2,000+ Approx. 23% 6,010 Cr. 24 Years
Banyan Tree 1,800+ Approx. 22% 4,030 Cr. 19 Years
Kotak 1,500+ Approx. 21% 1,924 Cr. 38 Years

We have ranked India’s top 10 portfolio management based on multiple parameters. These five parameters are as follows:

  • Returns
  • Asset under management (AUM)
  • Active clients
  • Experience
  • Services

We have thoroughly evaluated these five parameters to Compare Top Portfolio Management Companies, helping you collaborate with the best PMS for guidance.

On comparing all portfolio managers, we found Motilal Oswal to be the leading PMS in the country, followed by 360 One, ASK, White Oak, Invesco, ValueQuest, ICICI, Alchemy, Banyan Tree, and Kotak PMS.

Motilal Oswal PMS

Motilal Oswal is the Best PMS in India, according to our research. Incorporated in 1987 by Ramdeo Agarwal and Motilal Oswal, the PMS house has an impressive experience of 36 years in the stock market.

Motilal Oswal LogoThis esteemed public financial organization works with the best minds in the business and offers nine investment strategies, delivering higher investment returns of 21.88%.

Moreover, you will be surprised that the company manages approximately AUM worth Rs. 10,609 crores while catering to 12,500+ active clients nationwide.

Like all investors, you expect top-notch customer support from your portfolio management service provider. Motilal Oswal surpasses all other Indian PMS houses in terms of service quality.

Rated 9.15, the company provides custom, discretionary, and non-discretionary strategies, allows strategy switch and early portfolio redemption, and delivers dedicated customer support.

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360 One PMS

Second on the list of the Best Portfolio Managers in India is 360 One PMS.

360 One PMS LogoEstablished in 2006 by Karan Bhagat, although the company has limited experience of 6 years, it has made a name for itself in the financial industry.

Many potential investors look forward to collaborating with 360 One for their cutting-edge portfolio management services.

The PMS house leverages a product-centric approach and expertise across various asset classes and products to cater to 7,500 small to large investors.

The credit for its success goes to three pillars- rigorous research, pioneering products, and preferential access.

By providing three impressive investment strategies – Multi-cap, Multi-cap advantage, and Phoenix PMS – 360 One has succeeded in managing funds worth 19,195 crores for 7,500+ clients.

Regarding its services, the public financial organization is ranked second with a rating of 9.09.


3rd Best Portfolio Management in India, i.e. ASK PMS, is one of the oldest names in the market.

Ask Private Mutual Fund Distributor LogoWith the rich experience of over four decades in managing wealth for HNIs and UHNIs, the public company manages funds worth Rs.26,868 crores.

Moreover, it has the most extensive client base of over 19,000 individual and institutional investors.

One of the first financial organizations to obtain the license to deliver portfolio management services, it attracted active investors by offering the five best strategies based on their financial objectives and preferences.

The PMS strategies include Indian Entrepreneur, India Select, Growth, Financial Opportunities, and Domestic Resurgence Portfolio.

Portfolio managers working at ASK PMS consider multiple attributes such as quality of business, size opportunity, earnings growth, and value to customize investment strategies for their clients.

ASK MPS has helped its clients earn impressive returns in the past few years, with a 1-year average return of 22.74%.

Regarding its customer support, ASK PMS has retained an excellent rating of 9 by offering top-notch services and support to its clients.

White Oak PMS

Founded by Prashant Khemka in 2017, White Oak is one of the Best Portfolio Management Services in India.

White Oak PMS LogoAlthough the financial company is relatively new to the market, it has reached the top ten Indian PMS houses.

Leveraging a performance-centric investment approach, the company has succeeded in managing an AUM of approximately Rs.13,949 crores for over 6,500+ small and large investors.

White Oak offers financial products to both onshore and offshore investors, with its offices in India, Singapore, the UK, Mauritius, and Switzerland.

Heading to the main point, i.e., returns of investment. The PMS house offered a 22.64% return on the investment made for a year.

As an investor, you can subscribe to the India Pioneers equity portfolio, business leaders, India Pioneers equity ESG, and digital leaders strategies to earn lucrative returns on your investment portfolio.

Invesco PMS

Fifth on the list of Top PMS in India is Invesco PMS. Founded by Saurabh Nanavati in 2007, Invesco PMS has 16 years of experience in the investment management field.

Invesco PMS LogoThe company has made its name in the market by delivering a world-class investment experience to over 950 active clients nationwide.

With a decent average asset base, the portfolio management service provider manages an AUM of approximately Rs.9,458 crores.

Invesco PMS strives to meet the investment needs of domestic and international investors, including individual and institutional investors.

A dedicated investment management company in 11 nations, it has developed four superior investment strategies to help investors maximize their investment returns.

With the help of these PMS strategies- Dawn, Rise, Caterpillar, and Challengers – Invesco has helped its clients earn a maximum return of 35.01% on 1-year investment.

The return percentage is almost three times more than that of Nifty 50. Rated 8.65 in terms of service quality, the company doesn’t offer a custom strategy.

Still, it renders discretionary and non-discretionary strategies and allows to switch investment strategies and exit PMS house early.

ValueQuest PMS

ValueQuest PMS, among the Top Portfolio Managers, was founded by Ravi Dharamshi in 2010. It’s been 13 years since the PMS house started catering to approximately 500 clients nationwide.

Value Quest PMS LogoUnder the expert guidance of Ravindra Dharamshi, the financial company is successfully managing funds worth Rs.7,061 crores.

As an investor, you can subscribe to two cutting-edge PMS strategies – growth and platinum – to earn lucrative returns and meet your financial objectives.

Regarding returns, ValueQuest PMS has offered quite decent returns on the investments.

It delivered approximately 36.21% return on a 1-year investment, almost three times more than that of Nifty 50. Moreover, the firm’s 3-year and 5-year investment returns surpassed Nifty 50’s.

Like all portfolio management services, you must pay at least Rs.50 lakhs to collaborate with ValueQuest PMS.

In return for this investment, you can access multiple services, including NRI investment, discretionary and non-discretionary services, and early exit.


Positioned as the seventh Top Portfolio Management Service in India, ICICI PMS is a prominent brand name in the investment field.

ICICI PMS LogoEstablished by Nimesh Shah in 1995, ICICI has 28 years of experience delivering top-notch investment management services across the country.

The company’s unique investment philosophy and diversified strategies attracted over 5,900 clients to manage their investments.

As per current figures, it’s been managing funds worth 6,011 crores INR of happy investors nationwide.

ICICI PMS follows the investment philosophy based on ‘Growth at Reasonable Price’ and offers six impressive investment strategies, i.e., large-cap, flexi-cap, contra, PIPE, and ACE strategy.

Working with the leading portfolio managers – Suraj Nanda, Geetika Gupta, Anand Shah, Rohit Karan, and Chockalingam Narayanan, the firm has delivered attractive returns on clients’ investments. Its 1-year return, i.e., 41.33%, surpassed the Nifty 50’s 1-year return.

Talking about the services, ICICI is ranked third-best PMS by offering NRI investment, discretionary strategy, dedicated customer support, and early exit services.

Alchemy PMS

Alchemy PMS is another Top Portfolio Management service provider on our list. Incorporated in 2002, S.K. Mitra is behind this prominent investment management enterprise.

Alchemy LogoWith a total AUM worth Rs.6,010 crores, the PMS house caters to over 2,000 domestic clients.

Prioritizing client satisfaction is the success mantra behind the immense popularity of Alchemy in the investment management field.

You can seek guidance from Alchemy’s portfolio managers by investing at least Rs.50 lakhs. In return, the public financial organization offers three main investment approaches – Alchemy High Growth, Alchemy High Growth Select Stock, and Alchemy Ascent.

Opting for any of three investment approaches, you can invest in 8-10 stocks and optimize your returns by diversifying your investment portfolio and mitigating associated risks.

Talking about returns on investment, Alchemy PMS has delivered relatively healthy returns of 23.67% on 1-year investments, 26% on 3-year investments, and 7.82% return on 5-year investments.

Banyan Tree PMS

Banyan Tree PMS is next on our list of Top 10 PMS in India. Established by Sandeep Talwar and W S Ravishankar in 2004, Banyan Tree is a private organization that has helped over 1,800 clients nationwide build their wealth.

Banyan Tree PMS LogoThe PMS house has been among the top choices for individual investors, families, and institutional investors because of its knowledgeable fund managers and extensive research team.

As a Banyan Tree PMS client, you can access over 100 macro indicators and proprietary research reports covering varied domestic and international securities.

Analyzing these macro indicators and research reports and leveraging three unique investment approaches helps investors make profitable investments.

According to current figures, the private financial firm successfully manages AUM worth Rs.4,030 crores, all thanks to its impressive investment return delivery.

Banyan Tree has delivered a decent return of 22.39% on a 1-year investment, twice the Nifty 50’s.

Kotak PMS

Finally, Kotak PMS is last on our list of top 10 portfolio managers in India. The portfolio management service provider is excellent for achieving passive financial goals for seasonal and new investors.

Kotak PMS LogoFounded by Uday S. Kotak in 1985, the PMS house is registered with SEBI in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

With 38 years of experience in the Indian equity market, the financial organization has developed five productive investment strategies.

These investment strategies include India Focus Portfolio – Series II, Pharma and Healthcare, Small and Midcap, Fintech, and India Focus Portfolio – Series I.

Capitalizing on these PMS approaches, the firm is successfully managing funds of Rs. 1,924 crores for over 1,500 clients.

You don’t have to worry about misusing your funds when collaborating with Kotak PMS.

Instead, the firm works with portfolio managers who are the best in the industry for diversifying investment portfolios, mitigating investment risk, and delivering impressive returns.

It had provided a 21% return on 1-year investment, almost twice the Nifty 50’s 1-year return.

Best Portfolio Management with High Returns

Brand Avg. 1 Year Return
ICICI Approx. 41%
ValueQuest Approx. 36%
Invesco Approx. 35%
360 One Approx. 26%
Alchemy Approx. 23%
Motilal Oswal Approx. 22%
ASK Approx. 22%
White Oak Approx. 22%
Banyan Tree Approx. 22%
Kotak Approx. 21%

Integrating all investments into a single portfolio makes it easier for investors to keep track of the performance of each asset.

For instance, if a specific asset is not returning good profits, you can withdraw your funds from the same asset (sell it) and reinvest your money in another profitable investment option.

Therefore, the Best Portfolio Management Services in India allows you to readjust your assets to help you earn maximum returns on your investment portfolio.

Now, you might be curious to know which portfolio manager is recognized for offering high returns on investment portfolios.

ICICI is the leading PMS famous nationwide, offering an impressive return of approximately 41% on a one-year investment.

Meanwhile, the average one-year return of the benchmark, i.e., Nifty 50, is 10.74%. It means ICICI PMS offers four times more 1-year return than Nifty 50.

Next on the list are ValueQuest, Invesco, 360 One, Alchemy, and others.

Top Portfolio Managers with High AUMs

Brand AUMs (Rs.)
ASK 26,868 Cr.
360 One 19,195 Cr.
White Oak 13,949 Cr.
Motilal Oswal 10,609 Cr.
Invesco 9,458 Cr.
ValueQuest 7,061 Cr.
ICICI 6,011 Cr.
Alchemy 6,010 Cr.
Banyan Tree 4,030 Cr.
Kotak 1,924 Cr.

When deciding which portfolio manager to work with to earn higher returns on your investment, you should look at the PMS’ Assets Under Management (AUM).

You might wonder what Assets Under Management (AUM) is.

Assets Under Management (AUM) can be defined as the total market value of the assets, such as bonds, stocks, and other securities, managed by mutual fund managers on behalf of their investors.

A mutual fund pools money from small to large investors and creates a diversified portfolio of their assets. A professional portfolio manager further manages this investment portfolio.

AUM is a vital metric for PMS as it reflects the size of assets and can be used to measure the PMS’ success in attracting and retaining investors.

Regarding the Top PMS in India with high AUMs, ASK PMS retains the highest ranking with an AUM worth Rs.26,868 crore.

Next on the list are 360 One, White Oak, Motilal Oswal, and rest.

Best Portfolio Management Services with Most Active Clients

Brand Active Clients
ASK 19,000+
Motilal Oswal 12,500+
360 One 7,500+
White Oak 6,500+
ICICI 5,900+
Alchemy 2,000+
Banyan Tree 1,800+
Kotak 1,500+
Invesco 950+
ValueQuest 490+

The best way to know about the goodwill and popularity of the portfolio management service in India is to look at the number of clients the company caters to.

Happy and satisfied clients are vital to the business’s success, and PMS is no exception. The more active clients a PMS has, the more positive the company’s brand image will be.

Moreover, it will indicate that the broking house understands the modern investors’ needs and helps them meet their financial objectives.

ASK PMS has the highest number of active clients among all ten PMS houses on our list. They cater to approximately 19,000+ clients across the country.

In addition to ASK PMS, the other Best Portfolio Managers with massive client base includes Motilal Oswal, 360 One, White Oak, and others.

Top Portfolio Managers in India with High Experience

Brand Experience
ASK 40 Years
Kotak 38 Years
Motilal Oswal 36 Years
ICICI 28 Years
Alchemy 24 Years
Banyan Tree 19 Years
Invesco 16 Years
ValueQuest 13 Years
White Oak 10 Years
360 One 6 Years

Remember that the experience and goodwill of a company go hand in hand. The more experience a company has catering to a specific industry, the more reputation it will have in the market. The same formula applies to the portfolio management services.

When deciding which portfolio manager to seek investment guidance from, you should check whether they have extensive experience guiding investors with different investment needs.

Only an experienced expert will know when and how much you should invest in a specific asset to attract more profits.

ASK is India’s top portfolio management firm with 40 years of experience in the stock market.

The broking house helps investors invest in approximately 13 to 25 stocks under five different investment strategies to help them earn higher returns.

Other than ASK PMS, Kotak, Motilal Oswal, ICICI, Alchemy are top PMS houses with extensive experience.

Best PMS with Top-Notch Service

Brand Service Quality
Motilal Oswal 9.15 / 10
360 One 9.09 / 10
ICICI 9.04 / 10
ASK 9.00 / 10
Kotak 8.90 / 10
White Oak 8.75 / 10
Invesco 8.65 / 10
Alchemy 8.50 / 10
Banyan Tree 8.45 / 10
ValueQuest 8.41 / 10

Investors, especially beginners, are unaware of the workings of the stock market and, thus, need guidance at every step of their investment cycle.

Therefore, they always look for portfolio managers who can provide all the necessary services and support for better portfolio management.

Some crucial support facilities potential investors expect from PMS houses are personalized investment strategies, NRI investment strategies, discretionary and non-discretionary investments, strategy switches, early exit, and dedicated customer support.

Which are the Best Portfolio Management Services in India in terms of high-quality services and support?

Motilal Oswal is the top-ranking PMS offering top-notch services and support to their clients. The industry experts rated the company 9.15 out of 10 for its service quality.

Next on the list are 360 One, ICICI, ASK, Kotak, and White Oak.

What is Portfolio Management or PMS?

Investment portfolios are the integration of different assets, from stocks and bonds to cash equivalents.

Creating a solid investment portfolio by understanding the risks and returns of varied investment options is critical to earning higher returns.

However, establishing a solid investment is not a cup of tea for many, mainly amateur investors. It’s when Portfolio Management Service or PMS comes in.

Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a financial service provided by skilled portfolio managers to manage your investment portfolio, including stocks, bonds, and other securities.

It is a systematic approach followed by professionals to deliver maximum returns while minimizing the risks of different types of investments.

You can ask the PMS house to provide different types of Portfolio Management Services, including active, passive, discretionary, and non-discretionary portfolio management.

The main objectives of Portfolio Management are diversifying investment-related risk, capital growth, tax planning, and rebalancing the portfolio.

How to invest in PMS in India?

Follow these steps to Invest in Portfolio Management in India:

1st Step – It is to finalize a Top Portfolio Management company. To do that, you can check out the listing provided above & comparison table as well. It will help you to finalize a PMS brand.

2nd Step – It is to connect with the Portfolio Manager. To communicate with the brand, you can provide your details in the form on this page. We will help you connect with the brand.

3rd Step – You will receive a call from the selected portfolio managers team. They will provide you with all the details & set up a face-to-face meeting.

4th Step – Next, you must provide all the required documents to enrol with the company. These documents are –

  • PAN Card Copy
  • Photographs
  • Aadhaar Card Copy
  • Cancelled Cheque in the Name of Account Holder
  • FATCA Declaration
  • Copy of POA provided to Portfolio Manager
  • Demat Account Details
  • Term Sheet

5th Step – You must transfer a minimum of Rs.50 Lakh to start your PMS.

Once all these are provided, creating your PMS account will take 3 to 7 working days. Then, you will receive your login credentials & dashboard link where you can check all details related to your portfolio.

Why Invest in Portfolio Management Services?

Many might wonder why they should pay extra for professional portfolio management services when they can manage their investments.

Little do they know that Investing with Portfolio Managers can be a game changer.

In addition to offering high returns for low risk, there are many other things that portfolio managers can help with:

  • The most significant benefit of investing in the PMS is that your investment will be in the hands of professionals. The PMS providers are experts in the investment field. They can manage your portfolio efficiently while dealing with market volatility.
  • The professionals will understand your financial objectives and customize your investment strategies accordingly. Moreover, they can modify the investment strategies based on your income, risk tolerance, budget, and other vital factors.
  • All PMS houses aim to reduce your investment risk while increasing the returns. They help diversify the risk involved so that you don’t suffer a loss due to changes in the market trends.
  • Your PMS provider will closely monitor the performance and returns generated on each asset regularly.

Various Fees or Charges levied by Portfolio Managers

The PMS houses charge various Portfolio Management Fees, which can vary with PMS providers. Here is the list of charges that almost every PMS house asks their investors to pay:

Entry Load: Most PMS schemes include entry load charges, varying from 1% to 3%. They ask the investors for entry load charges when investing in the PMS.

Fixed Charges: Next is the recurring cost in the form of portfolio management charges. Every portfolio manager charges a fixed amount to manage the investor’s investment portfolio.

The charges can range between 1% and 3% of your fund value.

Profit Sharing: PMS houses have come up with unique charges, i.e., profit-sharing.

Some of the aggressive names in the industry ask their investors to pay PMS commission (share in the profits earned on investment portfolio).

Exit Load: Lastly, PMS houses levy exit load charges on their clients. If you desire to redeem your investment from the PMS, you can do so by paying exit load charges.

Drawbacks of Investing in PMS

Although it’s advantageous to Invest in PMS, there can also be some drawbacks. In this section, we will discuss the disadvantages of investing in PMS.

  • According to SEBI guidelines, investors need at least Rs.50 lakhs to invest in the PMS. Small investors can’t comply with this investment requirement, and thus, they can’t enjoy PMS services.
  • PMS professionals get profit sharing from investors’ investments, but they do not bear any loss during losses.
  • To invest in the PMS, you must follow a lengthy documentation procedure. This procedure can include opening a new Demat account, trading, bank, and PMS account.
  • Moreover, you will have to incur a high set-up cost. Many PMS houses ask their investors to pay 1 to 2% of their fund value at the time of investment. In addition, you can be mandated to pay yearly management costs.

Best PMS in India – Conclusion

You recently learned that investing your savings in different securities, from stocks to bonds, is a lucrative opportunity to earn returns and increase your bank balance.

However, one thing that’s coming your way is a lack of knowledge about the Indian equity market. Don’t worry! You can overcome this problem by accessing a professional portfolio management service.

Seeking guidance from portfolio managers can help you earn maximum returns on your investment while lowering the associated risks.

The PMS providers know how the stock market works and, thus, can expertly handle your investment portfolio.

The above article evaluates the Best Portfolio Managers in India based on multiple parameters from returns to services.

All this information will help you choose the best PMS depending on your investment needs and financial objectives.

FAQs on Top PMS in India

Here are various FAQs related to Top Portfolio Management Services in India.

Which PMS is Best in India?

In India, there are over 400 PMS providers. We have ranked in the top 10 PMS in India, including Motilal Oswal, 360 One, ASK, White Oak, Invesco, ValueQuest, ICICI, Alchemy, Banyan Tree, and Kotak PMS.

You can invest in any of these PMS depending on your investment needs and financial objectives.

What is the minimum investment required in PMS?

According to SEBI, you need at least 50 lakhs INR to invest in PMS.

What are Portfolio Management Charges?

The PMS houses levy various charges on their clients, including fixed and variable costs, entry load charges, portfolio management fees, profit-sharing, and exit load charges.

Which PMS is giving the Highest Return?

ASK PMS offers the highest return of approximately 41% on the investment made for one year.

Which Portfolio Manager has the Highest AUM?

ASK PMS has the highest AUM of Rs. 26,868 crores.

How to Select a Portfolio Management Service?

It will be best to consider multiple factors to select the right Portfolio Management Service (PMS) that aligns with your investment goals.

These factors include experience, fee structure, active clients, returns, regulatory compliance, client service, and risk management procedures.

Which PMS has High Experience in the market?

ASK PMS has 40 years of experience in the market.

Is PMS better than MF?

The answer to this question depends on your investment needs, risk appetite, and financial goals.

If you have a smaller investment corpus and want to avoid complying with extensive tax requirements, you should invest in MFs.

On the other hand, PMS is the best option if your investment corpus runs in 6/7 digits and you demand a customized portfolio based on your financial needs.

Which Portfolio Manager provides the best support?

Motilal Oswal is rated 9.15 by industry experts in terms of service quality. Therefore, the PMS house is known for providing the best support.

Does Investment in Portfolio Management have risk?

Yes, portfolio management investments have risks because of the uncertain stock market and stringent SEBI regulations.


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