Previously registered as IIFL Wealth Asset Management, 360 One PMS was founded in 2006 by Karan Bhagat.

360 One embodies two words – ‘360’ represents the company’s holistic view of the ‘One’ client whose interests are always the priority.

With its head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this public portfolio management house caters to over 7021 clients while managing a total AUM worth Rs. 24,559 crores.

The firm believes in providing excellent investment strategies and approaches to its clients, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Please keep reading to learn all the vital details of 360 One Portfolio Management, including its pros, charges, investment approaches, fund managers, eligibility criteria, and services.

Total AUM Rs.24,559.68 Cr.
Avg. 1 Year Return 26.43%
Active Clients 7021
No. of Strategies 3
Minimum Investment Rs.50 Lakh
Experience 7 Years

360 One PMS - Company Overview


Portfolio Management

Organization Type


Head Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Karan Bhagat

Founded In (year)


Why Invest in 360 One PMS?

This section will highlight why you should consider investing your funds in the 360 One Portfolio Management Services.

  • It follows a disciplined and active management approach, allowing the team to tap into the country’s potential as a unique asset class for business growth. As the company grows, it creates attractive investment opportunities for the clients.
  • The PMS house works with multiple fund managers and offers three successful investment strategies to help clients manage and optimize their portfolios.
  • 360 One is India’s first portfolio management firm to introduce Alternative Investment Funds (AIF). AIFs allow investors to get off the track and invest in assets that are not open to the public.
  • In the past, the firm delivered a return of a whopping 26.43% on the investment made for one year.

360 One Portfolio Management Service Performance or Returns

1 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 1 Year Return


3 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 3 Year Return


5 Year Return


Nifty 50 - 5 Year Return


One of the most vital aspects every investor wants to know when researching any PMS house is its “performance or returns” status.

Read further to learn the 360 One PMS Returns and make your investment decision accordingly:

In the short term, 360 One PMS delivered returns at part with Nifty 50. The return on the investment made for one year was 26.43%, while Nifty 50 offered a return of 10,74% in the same period.

Regarding long-term investment, the PMS house surpassed Nifty 50, although with a minor difference.

The PMS services of 360 One PMS delivered a return of 22.20% on a three-year investment, while Nifty 50’s return was 20.15% on a three-year investment.

Furthermore, the PMS house helped investors earn a return of 13.75% on their five-year investment, with Nifty 50 offering approximately 11.52% in the same duration.

360 One PMS Commission, Charges or Fees

Fixed Fees

2.5% of Fund Value (AMC)

Variable AMC

No Variable Fees

Variable Profit Sharing

No Variable Fees

Exit Load 1st Year


Exit Load 2nd Year


Exit Load 3rd Year


You should know that no PMS house provides portfolio management services without charging commissions or fees.

So, let’s explore the 360 One PMS Commission or charges you might have to pay when leveraging the firm’s portfolio management services:

The company charges fixed fees of 2.5% of your fund value (AMC) as annual maintenance fees. 360 One PMS didn’t specify variable maintenance charges or profit sharing.

It means you don’t have to pay a single penny to the company, regardless of how much profit you earn on your investment portfolio.

However, if you are determined to withdraw your investment portfolio from 360 One PMS, you must bear exit load charges.

The exit load charges for the first year are 3%, the second year is 2%, and the third year is 1%.

Best Strategies by 360 One Portfolio Management Services

Check out various strategies or Investment approaches provided by 360 One Portfolio Managers.

Strategy Name Multicap PMS Multicap Advantage PMS Phoenix PMS
Start Date 07-Nov-13 01-Dec-17 01-Jan-21
Category Multi Cap Multi Cap Multi Cap
Benchmark S&P BSE 500 S&P BSE 500 S&P BSE 500
AUM (Rs.) Not Disclosed Not Disclosed Not Disclosed
No. of Stocks 34 34 Not Disclosed
1 Year Return 27.29% 24.10% 47.32%
3 Yr. Return 17.64% 14.65% 25.68%
5 Yr. Return 18.03% 15.920% NA
Fund Manager Mr. Anup Maheshwari Mr. Anup Maheshwari Mr. Anup Maheshwari

Regarding the 360 One Portfolio Managers Strategy, the company offers Multicap, Multicap Advantage, and Phoenix PMS strategies.


Introduced on 7 November 2013, Multicap PMS strategy uses an informative mechanism to dissect the equity market based on corporate earnings.

The strategy considers the S&P 500 as the benchmark, with Mr. Anup Maheshwari managing the clients’ funds.

Under this investment approach, you can invest in 34 stocks categorized in the multi-cap segment.

According to recent figures, the firm delivered a 27.29% return on a one-year investment, a 17.64% return on a three-year investment, and a 18.03% return on a five-year investment.

Multicap Advantage

Multicap Advantage PMS strategy was introduced to the public on 1 December 2017 to let investors invest in the assets categorized in the multi-cap segment.

S&P BSE 500 is the benchmark to compare the firm’s performance under this investment approach.

360 One PMS doesn’t disclose the AUM managed by Mr. Anup Maheshwari under the Multicap Advantage PMS. Moreover, the investment approach is spread across 34 stocks.

Current figures state that investors earned 24.10% return on one-year investment, 14.65% return on three-year investment, and 15.92% return on five-year investment.


Phoenix PMS strategy was available to be accessed by 360 One PMS clients on 1 January 2021 to invest in the assets categorized in the multi-cap segment.

The firm considered the S&P BSE 500 as the benchmark to compare the investment portfolio’s performance under this investment approach.

360 One PMS doesn’t disclose the AUM that Mr Anup Maheshwari manages under this investment strategy.

In addition, enrolling in Phoenix PMS investment strategy allows investors to invest in over 30 stocks.

Talking about the latest statistics, investors managed to earn a 47.32% return on a one-year investment.

Top Fund Managers of 360 One PMS


Mr. Anup Maheshwari









The significant reason behind the firm’s success is the 360 One PMS Fund Managers – Mr. Anup Maheshwari and Mr. Mehul Jani.

Mr Anup Maheshwari

Mr. Anup Maheshwari is the Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at 360 One PMS.

He completed from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Furthermore, Anup Maheshwari brings over 26 years of investment experience with him.

Before working as the chief fund manager at 360 One PMS, he was Executive Vice President at DSP BlackRock Investment Managers and Chief Investment Officer at IIFL Asset Management.

He manages the investment and strategy for 360 One PMS, including Multicap, Multicap Advantage, and Phoenix PMS strategies, collective finances, and Indispensable Investment Finances (AIFs).

Moreover, he significantly contributes to helping 360 One PMS meet its aggressive growth expectations and product development and continuously develops innovative investment strategies.

Mr Mehul Jani

Mr Mehul Jani is the fund manager at 360 One PMS. He completed his MSC in banking and International Finance from Cass Business School. Moreover, he is a CFA charter holder.

Mehul Jani previously worked at Morgan Stanley as an Associate and DSP BlackRock Investment Managers Pvt Ltd as an Analyst and Fund Manager.

360 One Portfolio Managers SWOT Analysis

Check out the SWOT Analysis on 360 One Portfolio Management.


  • The firm’s biggest strength is delivering more than Nifty 50 returns on short-term and long-term investments.
  • 360 One PMS provides clients a personalized investment strategy tailored to their needs.
  • Investors can invest their funds in foreign stocks.
  • It offers dedicated customer support to the clients.
  • 360 One PMS is India’s first PMS house to introduce Alternative Investment Funds (AIF).


  • 360 One PMS offers limited investment strategies and approaches to investors.
  • A potential client is mandated to pay at least 50 lakh INR to register with the company.
  • Investors are asked to pay exit load charges to withdraw their investment portfolios.


  • The company can develop innovative investment strategies to help clients earn lucrative returns.
  • It can organize workshops to teach people in backward areas about the importance of investment to broaden its clientele base.
  • The rapidly growing equity market brings many opportunities for PMS houses.


  • Highly competitive investment market.
  • PMS houses charging lower fees or commissions give tough competition.
  • High inflation with increased job layoffs impacts investors’ ability to invest.

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Investment Facilities provided by 360 One Portfolio Manager

Custom Strategy


Strategy Switch


Switch Charges

0.75% of Fund Value

NRI Investment






Early Exit


Early Exit Charges

3% within 1st Year

You will be excited to learn that 360 One PMS offers almost every investment facility that an investor needs to invest in and manage their investment portfolio seamlessly.

The following listed are some exceptional 360 One Portfolio Management Features:

  • The PMS house provides its clients with a personalized investment strategy tailored to their unique needs.
  • You can switch from one investment strategy to another by paying 0.75% of your fund value.
  • Domestic investors can invest their funds in foreign stocks. In addition, NRIs are also eligible to invest with 360 One PMS.
  • The firm offers discretionary and non-discretionary services for your convenience.
  • You can exit your investment portfolio before the competition of a pre-determined investment term. However, to do the same, you must bear some cost, i.e., 3% early exit charges within the first year.

360 One Portfolio Management Support

Call Support


Email Support


Chat Support


Dedicated RM Support


Fund Manager Intereraction


Issue Resolving TAT

Max 3 Working days

360 One Portfolio Management Services offers the following customer support facilities:

  • Call support can help resolve investment-related issues, queries, or platform-related problems.
  • You can email your queries, issues, and feedback to the fund manager or customer care executives.
  • Chat support is the best solution to resolve your doubts related to your investment if you are uncomfortable talking over the phone.
  • Dedicated RM support is also facilitated to the clients. In addition, you can interact with your fund manager to know everything about your investment portfolio.
  • It takes hardly three days for 360 One PMS’ customer support team to resolve your issues.

360 One PMS Dashboard Link

Web Platform

The PMS house has developed a user-friendly dashboard to allow investors to invest and manage their investment portfolio online.

To access your 360 One PMS Dashboard, you must enroll with the company and secure your login credentials.

Once you receive your account login details, you can quickly log in to your dashboard by clicking the link on this page.

360 One PMS dashboard is one of the best online portals enabling you to track your investments, analyze the potential returns, and optimize your portfolio.

360 One PMS Login

Obviously, to 360 One PMS Login, you need unique login credentials from the company. It’s after registering you as the client that 360 One PMS shares a unique user ID and password.

Click on the PMS’ web-based dashboard link to log in to your account. Enter your login details and Captcha, and click on the ‘Login’ tab.

You will be redirected to the 360 One PMS dashboard page, where you can find all vital information about your investments and portfolio.

360 One PMS Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

9.24 / 10

Portfolio Performance

9.47 / 10


9.10 / 10


9.19 / 10


9.01 / 10


9.42 / 10

360 One Portfolio Management Services - SEBI Details

SEBI Reg. No.


Contact Person

Purva Joshi

Email ID

Telephone No.

022 4876 5496


IIFL Centre, Kamala City, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, 400013

Starting Date

Nov 28, 2017

How to Invest in 360 One PMS?

Before you Invest in 360 One Portfolio Management, it’s ideal to know whether you are eligible to become the PMS house’s client.

To make your job easier, here are the eligibility requirements you must comply with:

  • The potential candidate’s age must be more than 18 years.
  • You can invest in 360 One PMS regardless of whether you are Indian or an NRI.
  • The potential investor must invest at least 50 lakhs INR with 360 One PMS.

After knowing you can become a 360 One PMS client, consider filling out the form on this page.

Once you submit the form, wait for the call from the firm’s sales team. The representative will guide you on what documents you must submit for verification.

Here listed are the mandatory documents that 360 One PMS asks from its potential clients:

  • PMS agreement
  • POA
  • Demat Account
  • PAN
  • Address Proof

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360 One PMS - Eligibility Criteria


18+ Years


Indian & NRI


Minimum Rs.50 Lakh

Documents required to Invest with 360 One Portfolio Manager

PMS Agreement




Demat Account




Address Proof


360 One PMS – Conclusion

360 One PMS is widely recognized as one of India’s best PMS service providers. This asset management firm is built on multiple cutting-edge investment strategies that have yielded impressive returns for the clients.

A technologically advanced company offers a user-friendly platform, allowing investors to invest, track, and manage their investment portfolio online.

Moreover, the flexibility of investment plans and commission models makes it easier for investors to make the right investment decisions.

Therefore, when considering collaborating with a PMS service provider to optimize your investment portfolio, 360 One PMS is the best place to leverage top-notch PMS services.

FAQs on 360 One Portfolio Managers

Check out various FAQs related to 360 One Portfolio Management Services.

Which is the Best Strategy for 360 One PMS?

Multicap PMS is the best strategy for 360 One PMS as it allows investors to invest in 34 stocks in the ‘multi-cap’ segment.

Moreover, investors following this investment approach earned a whopping 25.70% return on a one-year investment, 24.60% on a three-year investment, and 14.60% on a five-year investment.

What is the Minimum Investment in 360 One PMS?

The minimum investment in 360 One PMS is 50 lakhs INR.

What is the Return of 360 One PMS?

By investing in the 360 One PMS, investors earned an average 1-year return of 26.43%. In addition, the 3-year return CAGR was 22.15%, and the 5-year return was 13.75%.

Is 360 One Portfolio Management good?

In the industry for 17 years, 360 One PMS offers innovative investment strategies and has surpassed the Nifty 50 in terms of returns. Therefore, 360 One is a good PMS house.

What is the fixed commission of 360 One PMS?

The fixed commission of 360 One PMS is 2.5% of the fund value (AMC).

Is a Demat account mandatory for 360 One Portfolio Managers?

An individual can work as a 360 One portfolio manager only after opening a Demat account with the company.

What are the Exit Charges of 360 One Portfolio Management?

You can redeem your investment portfolio from 360 One PMS before the completion of your investment term by paying 3% exit load charges within the first year.

Moreover, you must pay 2% and 1% exit load charges to withdraw the investment portfolio within a second and third year, respectively.

Who are the current fund managers of 360 One PMS?

Mr. Anup Maheshwari and Mr. Mehul Jani are the current fund managers of 360 One PMS.

What is the AUM of 360 One Portfolio Management Service?

360 One portfolio management service manages AUM worth Rs. 19,195.74 crores.

Do 360 One Portfolio Managers Charge Variable Commissions?

No, 360 One PMS doesn’t charge variable commissions from its clients.


Customer ratings and reviews of 360 One PMS

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