Joining the Samco Mutual Fund Distributor program is an excellent opportunity to advance your career.

Samco is a relatively new asset management company that has made great strides in the industry. It is already well-known for providing reliable services to clients.

In this article, we will give you all the details of this promising company, including Total Investment amount, Seller Commission, Estimated Distributor Profits, Office Infrastructure Requirements, Free Training options, and ARN Generation Support so that you will know what to expect if you become a Samco Mutual Fund Seller.

Type of Distributorship AMC Distributor
Total Distribution Network 50+
Total Investment Rs.40,000 – Rs.80,000
Distributors Commission 1% to 2% of AUM
Avg. Monthly Profit Rs.70,156
Breakeven Time 2 – 3 Months
Payout Time 30 Days

Samco Mutual Fund Distributor - Company Overview


Mutual Fund Distributor

Organization Type


Head Office



Jimeet Modi

Founded In (year)


Distributorship Tenure

2 years

Why become a Samco Mutual Fund Distributor?

Samco Mutual Fund was founded in 2021 and has quickly become one of the rising stars in the industry.

The company is Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved, a necessary factor for every company to gain consumer trust.

It is the first AMC to use the stress test, which can help produce greater long-term returns. Customers are drawn to the company because of this policy and the high return.

It is a trend that a Samco Mutual Fund Advisor can benefit from. If you are still wondering if you should apply for Samco Mutual Fund distributorship, look at this list to make up your mind.

  • Samco Mutual Fund offers a Distributors Commission of 1% to 2% of AUM, a lucrative distributor deal.
  • The Distributorship Fee of the company is only Rs. 40,000, one of the lowest in the industry.
  • As a new company, it is still establishing its distributor network. This means it is always on the lookout for talented distributors.
  • Distributors receive personalized dashboard access to manage all the leads. They can also check the total investment amount, commissions from the client investment, and other related details from the dashboard.
  • All the transactions you make using your RIA or ARN code are accessible at all times through a custom link.
  • Becoming a Samco Mutual Fund distributor takes very little time. The application process is done online, and the company verifies your document quickly.

Samco Mutual Fund Seller Commission

Revenue Sharing

1% to 2% of AUM

Per Client Acquisition


The seller commission is how a distributor makes money from their client’s investments.

When a company offers a lucrative seller commission, it becomes the driving factor behind the distributor’s hard work.

Samco Distributor Commission is highly profitable for its distributors. It is why so many young talents want to join the company.

Samco Mutual Fund seller commission can vary depending on the investment type. The usual range of commission is between 1% and 2% of the total asset under management of a distributor.

For example, let’s imagine you have 50 clients. The total AUM (asset under management) of your 50 clients is Rs.5 Crore. In this case, you will receive a commission between Rs.5 lakhs and Rs.10 lakhs.

You should be aware that your commission is based on your clients’ total investments. You will not receive any commission just from acquiring clients.

Samco Mutual Fund Advisor Cost or Investment

Distributorship Fees (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Zero - Rs.40,000

The Advisor Cost is a fixed amount that all distributors must pay to receive a valid distributorship license from Samco. Paying this one-time fee is mandatory for every new distributor.

The Samco Mutual Fund Distributor Cost is just Rs.40,000, a very affordable amount and one of the lowest in the industry.

The profits you can make later with such little investment are genuinely astonishing.

Apart from this one-time investment, all distributors monthly pay a certain amount for Office Infrastructure and Facilities.

With Samco Mutual Fund, the maximum Office Expenses is Rs.40,000, and the minimum is zero, depending on the type of office you use and the office facilities you provide.

Samco Mutual Fund Distributorship – Expected Profits & Income

The table below shows expected profits, AUMs & Income that you can make, if you become Samco MF Advisor.

Active Lumpsum Clients 20
Avg. AUM per Client – Lumpsum (Rs.) 93,000
Total AUM – Lumpsum (Rs.) 18,60,000
Active SIP Clients 825
Avg. AUM per Client – SIP (Rs.) 9,300
Total AUM – SIP (Rs.) 76,72,500
Total AUM (Rs.) 95,32,500
Distributor’s Share (Rs.) (1.25% of AUM) 1,19,156
New Client Acquisition 50
Client Acquisition Income (Rs.) 0
Total Distributors Income 1,19,156
Total Expenses 49,000
Distributor’s Net Profit 70,156
Net Profit Margin 58.88%

Samco Mutual Fund has become such an attractive option for distributors because of its commission structure and the profits it can make.

Here, we will help you understand the details of Samco Mutual Fund Seller Profits and how much you can make monthly through commissions.

Let’s say you have 20 Active Lumpsum Clients in your client base. The average AUM of these 20 clients is Rs.93,000; the total AUM is Rs.18,60,000.

Suppose you also have 825 Active SIP Clients in your client base. The Avg. AUM of these SIP clients is Rs.9,300. This means the total AUM for your SIP clients is Rs.76,72,500.

Now, you have a total asset under management of Rs.95,32,500 if you combine the Lumpsum Client and SIP Client AUM.

If you receive a 1.25% commission on the total AUM as a Distributor, you earn Rs.1,19,156 monthly from this client base.

If your monthly expenses are Rs.50,000, you make a net profit of Rs.69,156 every month. In this scenario, your Net Profit Margin is 58.03%.

Assuming your average net profit would be around 60% monthly is reasonable.

Samco Mutual Fund Agent Offers

Commission above 1%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Direct Mutual Fund


Samco Mutual Fund distributors receive unique benefits and offers provided by the company.

Here are the Samco Mutual Fund Agent Offers that help distributors make significant profit margins and attract new clients.

  • The one-time distributorship fee is so affordable that practically everyone can try their hand at distributorship without financial worry.
  • Distributors receive a minimum commission of 1% on the asset under management.
  • The Free Advisory service offered by Samco is valuable training for distributors. It helps them become a better and more convincing seller.
  • Samco Mutual Fund provides Direct Mutual Fund investment options as well.

Samco Mutual Fund Distributorship SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis finds the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats of a business. The internal factors of the company are considered its strengths and weaknesses.

The business must overcome its shortcomings to keep its market position. The opportunities and threats of the SWOT analysis are the external factors that may change a company’s market standing.

The company can use these opportunities to make more profit and take early precautions to protect itself against the threats.

Here is the Samco Mutual Fund Distributor SWOT Analysis.


  • Samco Mutual Fund makes high-profit margins, a selling factor that distributors can use to attract interested clients.
  • Even though Samco Mutual Fund is a relatively new company, its services are customer-oriented and offer the distributors the chance to make high profits.
  • Samco Mutual Fund offers a wide range of services, and all clients may find something they are interested in—a distributor benefits when more and more clients start investing.
  • The company provides extra help and advisory services to the distributors. It helps the agents convince clients why they should invest with Samco Mutual Fund.
  • Samco Mutual Fund has an enthusiastic distributor network. The agents are determined to increase their client base and, as a result, they improve the brand value.


  • The company is still very new in the industry, and larger companies with name recognition still attract more clients. Distributors have to work extra hard to promote the benefits Samco Mutual Fund offers that the larger companies do not.
  • Niche markets that Samco depended on are disappearing. Technological changes have altered the finance market operation models in recent years.
  • The distributor network is relatively small, which means it has a small physical presence in urban areas.


  • A prominent social media presence can now draw hundreds of new customers, a trend the distributors can use.
  • New tech-savvy generations want to understand the financial market before investing. Distributors should make their selling pitch more informative to attract this client base.
  • Technological advancement has increased the pace of investment work, and distributors can now provide their service without unnecessary delays.


  • The Indian financial market can be heavily affected by International events. This remains a persistent threat to distributors.
  • Samco Mutual Fund has no presence outside the urban areas, and the distributors can only work in the cities.
  • If inflation grows, people will have less disposable incomes, and investment in the mutual fund sector may decrease.

Samco Mutual Fund Distributor Support

ARN Generation Support


Acquisition Support


Products Training




Advisory Support


RM Support

Yes, Free

Backoffice Support


Marketing Support

Yes, Limited

A robust distributor support helps the distributors attract new clients and profit more. This way, it also contributes to company growth.

Samco Distributor Support is known to be flexible, beneficial, and agent-friendly. Samco Mutual Fund distributor support offers these benefits:

  • ARN generation support can help the sellers with revenue generation details.
  • The company offers free Acquisition Support to the agents.
  • Product training and Webinars help the distributors learn the details of the offered products. It also provides the necessary knowledge to pitch the products efficiently to potential clients.
  • Samco Mutual Fund provides the distributors Advisory Support and free RM support.
  • The distributors also receive the essential Back Office Support. However, the Marketing Support provided by the company is limited.

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Samco MF Distributor Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

200 - 300 Sq. Ft. (Optional)

No. of Employees

Atleast 2 (Optional)

Dealer Terminal


Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers






Managers Cabin


Agents need an office to run the distributorship with efficiency. Samco MF distributors pay monthly office expenses to the company for this reason.

However, there are some requirements that a Samco MF Distributor must be aware of when selecting an office space.

  • The office space used by the distributor must be at least about 200 – 300 Sq. Ft. However, Samco Mutual Fund offers some flexibility for minimum office space requirements.
  • A Samco Mutual Fund distributor should hire at least two employees. However, if they think having employees is not necessary, the company respects their choice.
  • Having a dealer terminal in the office is optional.
  • A distributor must have a mobile and laptop/computer.
  • Having Call Recording, CCTV, Reception, and Manager’s Cabin facilities are optional.

Samco Mutual Fund Seller Dashboard Link

Web Platform

You have to use the distributor ID and password provided by the company to log in to the Samco Mutual Fund Advisor Dashboard. It can be used to check profits and revenue reports.

Other distributorship information, including leads, details of the account statements, information on AUM, client portfolios, and more, can be found on this dashboard.

Click the link in the table above to access the Samco Mutual Fund Dashboard.

Samco Mutual Fund Agent Login

When the distributorship application is accepted, you will receive the Samco Mutual Fund Advisor Login information.

The login information will be sent to the registered email address of the agent. You have to keep these login details safe because it is needed to access the dashboard.

The login information provided should not be shared to avoid fraudulent issues. Samco Mutual Fund login will allow you to monitor your account with the distributor regularly to know your progress everyday.

Samco Mutual Fund Advisor Backoffice Platform - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Leads Report


Clients Payment Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Auto Debit Request - SIP


Monthly Payout Report


Samco MF Seller Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

6.85 / 10


6.98 / 10


6.77 / 10


6.69 / 10


7.02 / 10


6.81 / 10

Samco MF Advisor - Products Offered

SIP Mutual Fund


Lumpsum Mutual Fund


Direct Mutual Fund












IPOs / FPOs / NCDs








Samco Mutual Fund Distributor - Investment Platforms Offered

Mobile Investment App


Web Investment Platform


Desktop Investment Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


ETF Platform


Backoffice Platfrom


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How to Become a Samco Mutual Fund Agent? - Eligibility Criteria


24 Years & above



Academic Qualification


NISM Certificate

Yes, Mandatory

ARN Generation

Yes, Mandatory

To become a Samco Mutual Fund Distributor, you must pass the eligibility criteria first. If you pass, you can apply for the distributorship through the company website.  

Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • You must be 24 years or older.
  • They must be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must have a Graduate degree
  • An NISM Certificate is mandatory.
  • Applicants must perform ARN Generation.

Application process:

  • Click on “Become a Distributor” on the official website
  • Provide your name, mobile number, email address, permanent residence proof, and other details
  • The company will contact you after you apply

You will need these documents for verification:

  • PAN card
  • AADHAAR Card
  • Passport size color photograph
  • Bank account details
  • Distributorship Agreement

One the company receives the document, they will process the application & you will receive the distributorship approval email aswell.

Samco MF Distributor - Documents Required

Distributorship Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Samco MF Distributor – Conclusion

Becoming a Samco MF Distributor can be a smart career move for people interested in the finance sector.

The Samco mutual fund distributor is helping you earn a decent income of Rs.70,156 every month. You need to invest Rs.40,000 and are ready to work with Samco.

It is an excellent opportunity to encash if you are looking forward to making a career in the finance sector.

The distributorship will help you make good profits and allow you to gain experience. However, please review the details provided here to ensure you make the right choice.

FAQs on Samco Mutual Fund Distributor

Here are the details of Samco Mutual Fund Distributorship.

How many distributors does Samco have?

Samco Mutual Fund is relatively new to this industry, and that’s why it currently has just over fifty distributors.

Is Samco Mutual Fund Agency Safe?

Yes. Samco Mutual Fund is very reliable and trustworthy. It has served its clients and distributors with entirety since the beginning.

What is the Samco Mutual Fund Distributor Commission?

Samco Mutual Fund offers 1% – 2% distributor commission on the total AUM of clients.

How much are Samco Distributorship Fees?

Distributors pay the company Rs. 40,000 as distributorship fees.

Does Samco provide ARN Generation Support?

Yes. Samco Mutual Fund provides ARN generation support to its distributors.

Is Samco a Stock Broker?

No. Samco Mutual Fund is not a stock broker but an asset management company.

Is Samco an AMC?

Yes. Samco Mutual Fund is an AMC (asset management company) and offers mutual fund investment options.

Who is the founder of Samco?

Jimeet Modi founded Samco Mutual Fund in 2021.

Is Samco registered with SEBI?

Yes. Samco Mutual Fund is a SEBI-registered company.

Does Samco Distributor provide Direct MF Investment?

Yes. Samco Mutual Fund distributors provide Direct MF investments.


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