Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor is a network of MF sellers that helps people invest their money in mutual fund schemes.

With over 3000 branches all over the country, they make sure everyone gets a chance to invest. Now, let’s talk numbers!

To become an AMC Distributor, these sellers invest between Rs.1.15 Lakh and Rs.1.25 Lakh and get rewarded for their hard work!

If you are good at MF selling, you can recover all this investment and start making profits in 2 to 3 months.

That’s super quick! Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Sellers receive their well-earned money within 30 days of their successful work, which makes it an even better partnership.

This review is your guide if you also aim to join Motilal Oswal as an MF agent. So, let’s get started.

Type of Distributorship AMC Distributor
Total Distribution Network 3000+
Total Investment Rs.1.15 Lakh – Rs.1.25 Lakh
Distributors Commission 1% to 2% of AUM
Avg. Monthly Profit Rs.81,491
Breakeven Time 2 – 3 Months
Payout Time 30 Days

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor - Company Overview


Mutual Fund Distributor

Organization Type


Head Office



Motilal Oswal & Raamdeo Agrawal

Founded In (year)


Distributorship Tenure

2 years

Why become a Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor?

For several reasons, becoming a Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor, or an AMC Distributor, can be a smart move!

  • First, they have a huge network of over 3000 distributors, so you’ll have a strong team supporting you.
  • You won’t need to invest much money upfront, just between Rs. 1.15 lakh and Rs. 1.25 lakh to get started.
  • Now, let’s talk about the fun part—the money! On average, you can make around Rs. 81,491 in monthly profit—that’s pretty cool! Also, payouts are released within 30 days.
  • Guess what? You won’t have to wait long to cover your initial investment. You’ll start making money quickly with a break-even time of just 2 to 3 months.
  • Let’s not forget that Motilal Oswal is a trustworthy company founded in 1987. So, you’ll be associated with a well-established brand.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Seller Commission

Revenue Sharing

1% to 2% of AUM

Per Client Acquisition


You might be interested in the Motilal Oswal distributor commission, so here’s the scoop!

When someone sells Motilal Oswal Mutual Funds, they can earn a commission, a reward for helping people invest in these funds.

Their commission is between 1% and 2% of AUM (Assets Under Management). Most sellers can get more than 1% in commission!

In a nutshell, Motilal Oswal takes care of its distributors and ensures each can earn a little extra when they help people with their investments.

So far, no such MF agent has been seen who shares a bad experience with a commission from Motilal Oswal.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Advisor Cost or Investment

Distributorship Fees (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Rs.40,000 - Rs.50,000

So, let’s figure out what a Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund distributor’s cost is. First, they must pay a one-time fee of Rs.75,000 to become a distributor.

Then, they need a small office space, like a room, which costs around Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000 monthly. They also need at least two helpers for their business tasks.

Laptops, computers, and dealer terminals are a few additional things you will consider. Having a mobile phone is a must! Remember, safety is important too.

That’s why you can consider CCTV to keep an eye on the office, but having a nice reception area is optional.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributorship – Expected Profits & Income

The table below shows expected profits, AUMs & Income that you can make, if you become Motilal Oswal MF Advisor.

Active Lumpsum Clients 20
Avg. AUM per Client – Lumpsum (Rs.) 95,500
Total AUM – Lumpsum (Rs.) 19,10,000
Active SIP Clients 935
Avg. AUM per Client – SIP (Rs.) 9,550
Total AUM – SIP (Rs.) 89,29,250
Total AUM (Rs.) 1,08,39,250
Distributor’s Share (Rs.) (1.25% of AUM) 1,35,491
New Client Acquisition 50
Client Acquisition Income (Rs.) 0
Total Distributors Income 1,35,491
Total Expenses 54,000
Distributor’s Net Profit 81,491
Net Profit Margin 60.14%

Imagine you’re one of Motilal Oswal’s sellers. As you help people invest their money in Mutual Fund schemes, you are eligible for Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Seller Profits along the way!

Let’s take an example: right now, you have 20 active clients who invest a lump sum of money.

On average, each client invests about Rs.95,500, making the total lump sum investment about Rs.19,10,000.

You get a small part of this investment as the helper as your income. You get 1.25% of the total investment for all your hard work, which is Rs.23,875.

But that’s not all! You’ve been working hard to bring in new clients and have 50 more people to invest with you. You make more.

Now, like any other business, you have some expenses. And this could be the biggest chopper of your income.

But if you master expense management, Certainly, you will make it profitable for yourself.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Agent Offers

Commission above 1%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Direct Mutual Fund


Want to know about some excellent Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Agent Offers? Well, let’s reveal the treat!

The MF seller offers a fantastic commission rate above 1% to distributors who work exceptionally hard for Motilal Oswal! Some agents are making 2% of the AUM.

And guess what? Agents get free advice from them too! They’ll help you make intelligent investment decisions.

Additionally, there’s a super cool feature called “Direct Mutual Fund” options. It’s like buying straight from the source so that you may save some money on specific fees.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor SWOT Analysis

Here is the detailed SWOT Analysis for Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributorship:


  • Firstly, the broker provides ARN generation support. Not all brokers assist you in this area.
  • Motilal Oswal is a reliable and trustworthy brand because of its many other financial services.
  • Aside from mutual funds, they offer many fabulous services, like investing in stocks and managing portfolios. And a client would want to switch to them as well.
  • Similarly, they use the latest technology to simplify money management for their customers and agents.
  • The brand has been working since 1987 and already has more than 3,000 distributors in its network.


  • They might not be everywhere, so some people doubt their awesome services.
  • Like any mutual fund seller, they come at a cost; some may find their fees a bit pricey.
  • Other mutual fund distributors are out there, too, with more popular branding, which means they must stay on their toes!


  • More and more people are interested in managing their money, and investing in safe alternatives like Mutual funds is a chance to reach new customers.
  • They can spread their wings to new places and help even more people with their finances.
  • The broker has a long-established reputation in the industry. More effort into technology and branding might make it even more popular.


  • Sometimes, the economy gets shaky, affecting their business and customers.
  • The rules of the finance world can change, which might affect how they do things.
  • Other Mutual fund sellers might try to steal their thunder, so they must stand out.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor Support

ARN Generation Support


Acquisition Support


Products Training




Advisory Support


RM Support

Yes, Free

Backoffice Support


Marketing Support

Yes, Limited

Motilal Oswal Distributor Support is fantastic. People like you are spreading the word about their excellent investment products.

It’s not because each member is devoted to their job role. But due to the excellent services of Motilal Oswal.

Now, you might wonder what kind of support they get. Well, first of all, they get help generating ARN, which is a plus.

Motilal Oswal also helps its distributors get new customers (acquisition support) and teaches them about their fantastic products through training and webinars.

But wait, there’s more! Distributors even get advisory support, so Motilal Oswal has their back if the distributors have any questions or need guidance.

And the best part is that they have a superhero team called RM (Relationship Managers), who support the distributors for free!

To make things super smooth, Motilal Oswal also provides back-office support and marketing support to help the distributors reach more people.

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Motilal Oswal MF Distributor Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

200 - 300 Sq. Ft.

No. of Employees

Atleast 2

Dealer Terminal


Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers






Managers Cabin


As you gear up to become a Motilal Oswal MF Distributor, ensure you have marked all the office requirements first.

Firstly, you must have an office of 200 to 300 square feet. Not too big, not too small, just perfect! You should have at least two friendly people working with you.

Plus, you’ll need mobile phones to stay connected and computers or laptops to do all the amazing financial stuff.

Remember, a call facility and fast Wi-Fi are requisites. If you want to make things extra fancy, you can get a dealer terminal and install CCTV for security.

A reception area and a manager’s cabin are optional, but they’ll add some extra professional layers to your office.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Seller Dashboard Link

Web Platform

Distributors can log in to the Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Advisor Dashboard using their ARN code (provided by CAMS).

Alternatively, they can log in using the RIA code (provided by SEBI). The dashboard is a one-stop terminal from which you, as an agent, will oversee all the activities in the mutual fund selling process.

In addition, you can also access advisory support and technical work assistance, all of which are available through this single interface. But make sure you have secured your profile with a strong password.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Agent Login

Once your ARN or RIA code is ready, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Advisor Login is super easy! Just head over to the Motilal Oswal website or use their mobile app.

Or you can use the provided details in this review to get there. It will take you to a particular page where you can enter your unique username and password and your ARN or RIA code!

After submitting, you will find inside your account all the tools and resources you need to manage your clients’ investments like a pro. But before that, you must have your login details in place.

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Advisor Backoffice Platform - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Leads Report


Clients Payment Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Auto Debit Request - SIP


Monthly Payout Report


Motilal Oswal MF Seller Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

9.10 / 10


9.25 / 10


9.43 / 10


9.13 / 10


8.88 / 10


9.47 / 10

Motilal Oswal MF Advisor - Products Offered

SIP Mutual Fund


Lumpsum Mutual Fund


Direct Mutual Fund












IPOs / FPOs / NCDs








Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor - Investment Platforms Offered

Mobile Investment App


Web Investment Platform


Desktop Investment Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


ETF Platform


Backoffice Platfrom


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How to Become a Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Agent? - Eligibility Criteria


24 Years & above



Academic Qualification


NISM Certificate

Yes, Mandatory

ARN Generation

Yes, Mandatory

If you aim to become a Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund distributor, here’s how you can do it:

  • First, get familiar with what mutual funds are.
  • Next, you’ll need to learn about different types of mutual funds and how they work.
  • But before that, you need certification and a code like ARN or RIA. Don’t worry; the broker’s ARN support will assist you.
  • Click on the tab at the bottom of the page, “Become a distributor”. Fill out the form.
  • On filling out the form, you will receive a call from the company explaining about the procedure.
  • Once you’re all set up, consider the initial investment and complying with office norms.
  • Remember, you must comply with the eligibility criteria first before proceeding.

Motilal Oswal MF Distributor - Documents Required

Distributorship Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Motilal Oswal MF Distributor – Conclusion

No wonder the Motilal Oswal MF Distributor title exposes you to some significant perks.

Motilal Oswal is an asset management company that helps people like you invest their money wisely and grow it over time.

But in this case, Motilal is also a stockbroker, which adds the cherry on top. As a distributor at multiple events, you might convince existing Motilal Oswal customers to invest in mutual fund schemes.

And the best part is that they provide excellent support services, which guarantees the success of this distributorship deal.

FAQs on Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributorship

Here is the list of Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund Distributor FAQs.

How many distributors does Motilal Oswal mutual fund have?

Currently, the distributor network of Motilal Oswal mutual fund is more than 3000. They are offering a diversified portfolio to all investors.

Is Motilal Oswal mutual fund Safe?

Yes, the Motilal Oswal mutual fund has been operating for thirty years. But then, investments in mutual funds are subjected to market volatility. It is advised to invest wisely in the market.

What is the Motilal Oswal mutual fund Commission?

The distributors who work with Mutual Oswal get an attractive payout of 1% to 2% of the money they help customers invest via the Mutual Oswal mutual fund platform.

How much are Motilal Oswal’s mutual fund Fees?

If someone wants to become a distributor with Motilal Oswal mutual fund, they must pay a one-time fee of Rs.75,000. Apart from the initial costs, daily office operating expenses are also there.

Does Motilal Oswal mutual fund provide ARN Generation Support?

Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund provides ARN support to its distributors.

Is Motilal Oswal mutual fund a Stock Broker?

Motilal Oswal mutual fund is a stock broker operating in Indian Market for the past few decades. They do offer a great range of products and services to their clients.

Is Motilal Oswal mutual fund an AMC?

Yes, Motilal Oswal is an AMC. They are best known for providing long-term solutions and making equity investments.

Who is the founder of Motilal Oswal mutual fund?

The Motilal Oswal mutual fund was founded by Raamdeo Agarwal in 1987.

Is Motilal Oswal mutual fund registered with SEBI?

Yes, Motilal Oswal mutual fund is registered with SEBI, so people trust them wholeheartedly.

Does the Motilal Oswal mutual fund provide Direct MF Investment?

Yes, Motilal Oswal Mutual Fund provides Direct MF investments.


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