The discount broker, Marketwolf, has a partner program that offers exciting commissions. Marketwolf is a reliable SEBI-registered company.

It currently has about 50 partners. The Marketwolf Partner program is gaining popularity. People interested in making money in the finance market are joining the company.

All partners receive a Flat 50% commission, the highest in any partner program. Marketwolf Affiliate Partners can also boost their income with the extra services provided by the company.

This is a good choice for you if you are a beginner in the financial industry. We will discuss the details of the Partnership program in this article.

Do you want to know more about the investment options, agent commission, approximate monthly profits, etc.? Please continue reading.

Type of Broker Discount Broker
Total Partners 50+
Total Investment Rs.3,000 – Rs.33,000
Partners Commission Flat 50%
Avg. Monthly Profit Approx. Rs.68,000
Breakeven Time Within 1 month
Payout Time 30 days

Marketwolf Partner Program - Types of Business

Partner Program


Sub Brokership

Yes, Limited

Refer and Earn


Why Partner with Marketwolf?

Marketwolf is a reliable discount broker company. It offers a popular partner program with many benefits. The company is becoming a top name in the finance industry.

It is a favourite choice for beginners because it offers a high commission. The company also provides extra services that are very beneficial.

Here are why people are deciding to become a Marketwolf Affiliate:

  • Marketwolf is a fast-growing company. Companies with a high growth rate promise high income and security in the future.
  • The company has more than 50 partners. This is a small number, and new partners can take advantage of less competition.
  • It offers a Flat 50% commission to all partners. The monthly average income is almost Rs. 70,000. Both of these numbers are lucrative.
  • Payment is sent to the agents within 30 days. Partners never have to worry about receiving commissions from client investments.
  • The company offers a refer and earn program and sub-brokership. These two options help the agents make extra money with little effort.
  • The cost of joining is very affordable. Affiliates can make a lot of money by investing little.
  • The company’s extra services help the partners increase the net profit. With free training, they can enlarge their client base. More clients mean more investments and more commissions.

Marketwolf Affiliate Cost or Investment

Security Deposit (One Time)


Exchange Charges (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Zero - Rs.30,000

The company has gained popularity because of its easy joining process. The Marketwolf Partner Cost is very reasonable.

You can become an affiliate for just Rs.3,000. This fee is a one-time payment as a Security Deposit.

There are no exchange charges. This is a unique benefit because most companies do not offer a zero exchange charge option. The monthly payment is also low for the agents.

You need to pay only Rs.30,000 every month. The company charges this amount for office facilities. You can lower this expense by using fewer facilities.

Marketwolf Partner Commission

Revenue Sharing

Flat 50%

Per Client Acquisition


Now, we have arrived at the most crucial part. Everyone wants to know the commission before they become an agent.

The commission system is the backbone of any affiliate program. All the money you will earn is from this commission.

The company agents receive a flat 50% Marketwolf Partner Commission. This percentage is enough to help you earn a lucrative net profit.

Marketwolf doesn’t offer any Client Acquisition fee to the partners. It means you only receive a commission when your clients invest.

Marketwolf Partner Profits or Income

Check out Profits & Expenses forecast of Marketwolf Affiliate Program.

Total Clients 640
Active Clients 200
Avg. Commission per Client 930
Total Brokerage 1,86,000
Partner’s Share (50%) 93,000
New Client Acquisition 45
Client Acquisition Income 0
Partner’s Income 93,000
Total Expenses 25,000
Partner’s Net Profit 68,000
Net Profit Margin 37%

We have already mentioned that Marketwolf offers a high commission percentage. With a flat 50%, you can earn a lot every month.

Let’s see how much money you can make from Marketwolf Associate Profits.

Suppose you have 640 clients, and 200 are actively investing. If you receive Rs.930 as the average Commission per Client, you can make Rs.1,86,000.

We already know the partner’s share is 50%. So, you make Rs.93,000 from the commission. If you pay Rs.25,000 every month for your office, you still have Rs.68,000.

Earning Rs.68,000 every month is something you can pay attention to. What’s more, you can make this profit with just Rs.3,000 investment.

You keep a 37% Net Profit Margin, one of the best in the industry.

Marketwolf Partner Offers

Commission above 30%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Free Delivery Trading


Flat Brokerage Charges


1st Month Free Brokerage


Zero Brokerage on Loss Making Trades


The offers of the company help you increase your commissions. A new partner may need to learn more about the company or the products.

They will need help to start making money. The Marketwolf Agent Offers to help them begin their promising career.

The commission is flat 50%, much higher than the 30% average of the industry. The company offers Free Delivery Trading to all agents.

There is no zero investment option, but the investment is only Rs.3,000. It is an amount that everyone can pay.

One thing you should know about is that you will not receive Free Advisory services. 1st Month Free Brokerage or Loss Making Trade options are also not available.

Marketwolf Associate Program SWOT Analysis

Read this SWOT analysis to know the details of the Marketwolf Partner Program. A SWOT analysis can provide a look at the inner strengths and vulnerabilities of the company.

It will also show the future opportunities and how you can benefit from them.


  • Marketwolf is growing, and the brokerage commissions of the company are unlikely to decrease. It means you will undoubtedly keep making high net profits in the future.
  • Most companies already have thousands of partners. However, Marketwolf currently has only 50 partners. If you join the company now, you won’t have much competition.
  • The company is expanding, and it can come up with new products. You will have extra opportunities to earn money.
  • Marketwolf office expenses are adjustable. If you think you can’t pay Rs. 30,000 per month for your office, you can use fewer services to spend less. Flexible payment options such as this are beneficial for the agents.
  • You will receive Acquisition Support and Products Training. The two most valuable services a company can offer to a new partner are these.


  • The company sometimes needs to be faster to offer help. With an increasing client base, agents need quick support. With it, they may gain client confidence.
  • Marketwolf is relatively new in the industry. It has yet to be a household name, making it challenging to grow your client base.
  • The company needs a significant technological infrastructure. Delays due to technical issues can affect client investment. If the client investment process is not smooth, it can affect your profit margin.


  • The company’s growth rate has been stable for a long time. With steady growth, the reliability factor increases, and more clients invest.
  • The Indian financial market has seen heavy investments in recent years.
  • More young people have started to invest. The younger generations are ready to take risks and invest in new products. It may help Marketwolf partners gather new clients.


  • The international financial market has seen fluctuations because of recent events. Any turbulence in the market can scare investors for years.
  • The company needs to upgrade its help desk services. With proper help, partners may start to retain clients.
  • Inflation can increase living costs. As a result, fewer people will invest in the share market.

Marketwolf Affiliate Program - Support

Acquisition Support


Products Training




Advisory Support

Yes, Limited

Backoffice Support


Marketing Support


All agents can benefit from Marketwolf Affiliate Support. New agents, in particular, need support to grow the client base. Without a large client base, profit margins decline.

The company offers Acquisition Support, Products Training, and Advisory Support. However, the Advisory Support is limited and can be a problem.

The company also offers Backoffice Support, which we will talk about later. There are no Webinars or Marketing Support for the company agents.

With this free support, you serve your clients more efficiently.

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Marketwolf Partner Program - Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

150 - 200 sq.ft.

No. of Employees

Atleast 2 (Optional)

Dealer Terminal

Not mandatory

Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers





Not mandatory

Managers Cabin

Not mandatory

The office expenses are the highest amount you need to pay the company. The fees can increase or decrease depending on the office and facilities.

A Marketwolf Agent usually pays an amount below Rs.30,000. It is possible to pay zero fees for office requirements, but that is impossible in most cases.

You don’t have to follow strict guidelines while setting up your office space. The office area can be about 150 – 200 square feet.

You can hire two employees, but that is not always necessary. You don’t have to set up a Dealer Terminal or Managers Cabin if you don’t need it.

However, a valid mobile/telephone number and computer access are mandatory. If you have employees, they will also require that access.

All agents must have CCTV in the office. Installing a Call Recording system is optional. Having a Reception area can help, but it is not mandatory.

Marketwolf Partner Dashboard Link

Web Platform

App Platform


An instant dashboard access can help you check your leads at all times. You will be able to protect personal information as well.

All agents use the Marketwolf Partner Dashboard for everyday requirements. You can also see your commissions and profit margins on your dashboard.

The company has no app-based dashboard; you must access it from a Web Platform. Use the above backoffice link to access your dashboard.

All the dashboard login details are private. Only you will be able to check what is on your dashboard. You receive the login information when your partner application is accepted.

Marketwolf Affiliate Login

As mentioned above, the Marketwolf Affiliate Login information is used for dashboard access. The details include your name, phone number, email address, dashboard password, etc.

The password is sent to your email when you join the company. Keep it private since your details are on the dashboard.

If you forget the login details, you can contact desk support. If you face any technological issues with dashboard login, the help desk will also solve them.

Marketwolf Associate Backoffice - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Leads Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Monthly Payout Report


The backoffice features can help an agent check lead details. The company offers Lead Addition Links, Lead Stage Info, Leads Reports and more. Let’s discuss how these backoffice features can help you.

The Lead Addition Link is used to add new leads to your dashboard. Marketwolf doesn’t offer Manual Lead Addition, but they offer Lead Stage Info.

Lead Stage Info is helpful after adding a new leader. By using this information, you can understand the activities of your leads.

Marketwolf won’t give you Lead Info Backend Change or Lead Deletion services. However, you will receive the client activation Report along with the Lead Report.

You will receive the Clients Activation Report when your clients invest in any product. Clients Portfolio Report is not included in Marketwolf Partner Backoffice features.

You will receive your Monthly Payout Report regularly with all the necessary details.

Marketwolf Partner Desk

Call Support


Email Support

Whenever you need help, you have to contact the Marketwolf Partner Desk. They will listen to your problem and help you solve it.

You can call 7021723249 to receive call support. You can also send an email to [email protected].

The Marketwolf support may not be the best in the industry, but they are good enough. The company is increasing the efficiency of desk support.

You won’t have to wait long to receive support from the help desk.

Marketwolf Remisier Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

8.21 / 10


8.18 / 10


8.31 / 10


8.24 / 10


8.16 / 10


8.14 / 10

Marketwolf Associate Program - Products Offered








Not offered

Mutual Fund



Not offered

IPOs / FPOs / NCDs


Foreign Stocks

Not offered


Not offered


Not offered

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Marketwolf Affiliate Program - Trading Platforms Offered

Trading App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


Foreign Stocks Investment Platform


Backoffice Platfrom


How to Become a Marketwolf Partner? - Eligibility Criteria





Academic Qualification


NISM Certificate

Yes, Compulsory

Marketwolf offers excellent commissions, so people want to become Marketwolf agents. The process of joining the company is simple. If you pass the eligibility criteria, all you need are some documents.

Passing the eligibility criteria is mandatory for all partners. Check these criteria before you apply:

  • You must be at least 21 years or older.
  • It would help if you were an Indian national, as no foreigners can be Marketwolf agents in India.
  • You must have a graduation certificate in any course.
  • Having a NISM Certificate is mandatory for all agents.

If you pass these criteria, it’s time for you to apply for a partnership. Hit the button “become a partner” placed at the bottom of the page.

Fill in the details in the form and submit it. Remember that all the parties must be current and valid. The company will go through a verification process.

You may have to send them a copy of some personal information. The details you will have to provide include:

  • A mandatory Partner Agreement
  • Aadhaar details for identity proof and address proof
  • Your PAN number
  • A recent Passport Size Photo
  • Your current Bank Account Details
  • A Bank Canceled Cheque (mandatory)

Marketwolf will contact you via phone or email when the verification process is finished. You will have to submit the joining fees.

After that process, your partnership will be granted. The whole process will take a few days if every detail is provided without error.

Marketwolf Dealership - Documents Required

Partner Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Marketwolf Affiliate Program – Conclusion

The Marketwolf Affiliate Program is an excellent option for newcomers in the financial industry.

The company offers a flat 50% commission that can help you earn as much as Rs.68,000 every month. They also provide extra support that will help you increase your client base and profit margins.

You will receive your payment every 30 days without delay. All the agents of Marketwolf have good things to say about this affiliate program.

The advisory services are exceptionally beneficial to new agents. Consider joining the company if you are interested in a finance job that will help you earn a lot.

FAQs on Marketwolf Associate Business

Here are the answers to all your Marketwolf affiliate program related questions.

Does Marketwolf provide a Partner Program?

Yes. Marketwolf provides a partner program that will help you earn almost seventy thousand rupees monthly.

You also get Sub Brokership options and Refer and Earn benefits when you join the partner program.

How many Associate Partners does Marketwolf have?

Marketwolf has more than fifty partners, and the number is constantly growing. People are joining the company affiliate program because of its high commission rate.

What is the earning potential of a Marketwolf Partner?

All the partners of Marketwolf receive a flat 50% commission. You can earn up to R. 68,000 a month with this commission percentage. Partners can keep a 37% net profit margin with Marketwolf.

How can I become a Marketwolf Associate Partner?

If you pass the eligibility criteria, you can send an application for partnership to the company. You will have to submit personal details for the application.

After verification, the company will contact you for a security deposit. When the security amount is paid, you will become a Marketwolf associate.

Who are Marketwolf Agents?

Marketwolf agents are part of the affiliate program. They work for the company to find potential investors. When the clients invest, the agent receives a commission percentage.

Marketwolf agents earn a lot of money because the commission rate is high.

How much is the Marketwolf Affiliate Cost?

To become a Marketwolf affiliate, you submit a security deposit of Rs. 3,000. This is a one-time fee, but you pay for office expenses every month. The office expense cost can be anything up to Rs.30,000.

What is the Marketwolf Associates Commission?

Marketwolf associates receive a flat 50% commission from the company. The commission is based on client investment, with no client acquisition fee.

Do Marketwolf Agents get backoffice access?

Yes. All Marketwolf agents receive backoffice access from the company. Backoffice access can be beneficial to increase the profit margins.

Is a Marketwolf Demat Account necessary to become a Partner?

Yes, a Demat account is mandatory to become a Marketwolf partner.

How do you connect with the Marketwolf Partner Desk?

You can call 7021723249 or email [email protected] to reach the partner desk.


Customer ratings and reviews of Marketwolf Partner

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