Are you looking for an additional source of income to increase your bank balance? Do you have the affiliate marketing skills?

If the answer to these questions is yes, we have the optimal business opportunity for you, i.e., the Groww Partner Program.

Groww is a new-age discount broker that has revolutionized the pricing policies while changing how traditional broking was run.

Established for almost seven years, this new entrant is increasing its Groww Affiliate base by offering a zero investment cost affiliate program.

Learn everything about Groww partner or affiliate program in this review. Uncover the vital details, including partner cost, commission, support, dashboard, back-office features, and more.

Type of Broker Discount Broker
Total Partners 100+
Total Investment Zero – Rs.30,000
Partners Commission 20% – 30%
Avg. Monthly Profit Approx. Rs.82,500
Breakeven Time Within 1 month
Payout Time 30 days

Groww Partner Program - Types of Business

Partner Program


Sub Brokership

Yes, Limited

Refer and Earn


Why Partner with Groww?

You might wonder why invest in the Groww Affiliate Program when you can still run a business with many established brokers.

The given benefits will help resolve your dilemma and choose the Groww partner program as an ideal business opportunity:

The franchise offers traditional and modern financial products and services, including equity, mutual funds, SIP, trading accounts, Demat accounts, and more to meet everyone’s financial needs.

  • The commission rate for partners ranges from 20% to 30%, which is quite decent for a new entrant. In addition, the partners’ monthly profit can amount to approximately Rs. 82,500. You can break even within just one month.
  • Groww offers interested candidates three business opportunities: partner program, sub-brokership, and refer & earn.
  • The most exclusive plus point of becoming Groww’s partner is incurring zero security deposit and exchange charges.

Groww Affiliate Cost or Investment

Security Deposit (One Time)


Exchange Charges (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Zero - Rs.30,000

Any rational individual considering commencing an affiliate marketing business will evaluate the potential business cost.

If you want to know the details of Groww Partner Cost, go through this section:

The most attractive feature of the Groww partner program is that an eligible candidate can enroll in it without incurring initial investment costs.

It means the affiliate program is free of the security deposit and exchange charges, making it an ideal option for those with limited or no budget.

In addition, office expenses depend on whether you choose to open an office. There will be no administration cost if you can do well without an office.

And even if you decide to establish your workplace, the monthly office expenses can reach at most Rs.30,000.

Groww Partner Commission

Revenue Sharing

20% - 30%

Per Client Acquisition


Joining the broker’s affiliate program is the most straightforward way to earn money through commission. Let’s uncover the know-how of the Groww Partner Commission:

When working at Groww as its affiliate, you can receive 20% to 30% as commission. The brokerage house pays at least 20% of its total revenue from the clients who trade under the partner’s referral code.

You can increase your revenue share to at most 30% by giving an exceptional performance to the company.

In a nutshell, you can generate more revenue by adding more customers to Groww’s client base. Unfortunately, the franchise doesn’t pay a single penny for every client partners bring on board.

Bonanza Portfolio Partner Profits or Income

Check out Profits & Expenses forecast of Bonanza Portfolio Affiliate Program.

Total Clients 915
Active Clients 300
Avg. Commission per Client 1,250
Total Brokerage 3,75,000
Partner’s Share (30%) 1,12,500
New Client Acquisition 50
Client Acquisition Income 0
Partner’s Income 1,12,500
Total Expenses 30,000
Partner’s Net Profit 82,500
Net Profit Margin 22%

Knowing the Groww Associate Profits is crucial because the profits or income the brokerage house guarantees attract partners or affiliates.

It forms the foundation for potential partners to make a decision. So, here’s what you need to know about Groww’s partners’ expected profits or income:

Groww is currently a network of 915 total clients. However, not all but 300 clients trade or invest actively.

And the average commission that partners can receive for each client is Rs.1,250. The total brokerage can add up to Rs.3,75,000 with these figures.

The partners retain 30% of the total brokerage, i.e., Rs.1,12,500. The brokerage house welcomed 50 new clients, but as discussed above, no reward is given to the partners for bringing new customers.

So, an affiliate’s client acquisition income is zero. It means his total income is still the same, i.e., Rs.1,12,500.

Next, to calculate the partner’s net profit, we need to exclude his expenses of Rs.30,000 from his income.

Finally, your net profit as Groww’s partner will amount to Rs.82,500.

Groww Partner Offers

Commission above 30%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Free Delivery Trading


Flat Brokerage Charges


1st Month Free Brokerage


Zero Brokerage on Loss Making Trades


Now that Groww has been in the brokership business for not too long, it is still working on providing exclusive offers to the partners. Let’s uncover the available Groww Agent Offers:

Groww still has a long way to go to offer lucrative commissions to the affiliates. Currently, the brokerage house provides at most 30% commission.

However, it has attracted over 100 partners by allowing them to run business without investment. You don’t need to deposit security fees or incur exchange charges.

Moving ahead, you can’t expect free advisory support from Gorww professionals. Still, the franchise lowers your financial burden by allowing free delivery trading.

But it has flat brokerage charges and brokerage on loss-making trades, so you know what you must pay for.

Groww Associate Program SWOT Analysis

Here is the SWOT Analysis of the Groww Partner Program.


  • The partner’s commission rate ranges from 20% to 30%, which is decent for a new entrant.
  • Groww offers flexible business opportunities to interested candidates, including partner program, sub brokership, and refer & earn.
  • The most exclusive plus point of the Groww Partner Program is zero investment with no security deposit and exchange charges.
  • The overall rating of 8.61 gives the new entrant a competitive edge.
  • Groww offers dedicated partner desk support.


  • The brokerage house renders limited support without acquisition, webinars, advisory, and marketing support.
  • Groww asks its affiliates to pay brokerage on even loss-making trades.
  • The limited financial products in the product line are another reason for low customer reach.


  • Groww can attract partners from rural and semi-urban areas by educating them about affiliate marketing.
  • It can expand the client base by offering commodities, currencies, PMS, or foreign stocks.
  • The franchise can work on technological support by providing the thematic and foreign stocks investment platform.


  • New entrants like Upstox offering attractive 30% to 40% commissions can be a significant threat.
  • Rising inflation and layoffs are lowering the investment rate in the economy.
  • Changing SEBI financial regulations and standards has made the financial market uncertain.

Groww Affiliate Program - Support

Acquisition Support


Products Training




Advisory Support


Backoffice Support


Marketing Support


Groww still has a long way to go regarding support facilities. Currently, you can avail of limited Groww Affiliate Support.

Let’s discuss what support facilities does the franchise offers and what not:

The brokerage house regularly organizes product training workshops. During these workshops, the trainers will tell the features and benefits of financial products and services.

In addition, they will explain how the company’s products and services work, making it easier for you to curate an attractive sales pitch for potential clients.

In addition to product training, you can access back-office support when running a business with Groww.

The company knows how challenging it can be to handle all administrative tasks, especially for beginners.

Unfortunately, you can’t leverage acquisition, webinars, advisory, and marketing support.

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Groww Partner Program - Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

100 - 200 Sq. Ft. (Optional)

No. of Employees

Atleast 2 (Optional)

Dealer Terminal


Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers






Managers Cabin


Groww Agent doesn’t need to invest much to join the company’s affiliate program. It’s optional for the partners to have a separate office for affiliate marketing business.

However, the brokerage house still specifies office requirements for those planning to set up an official workplace.

You should find at least a space of 100 to 200 square feet to open an office. Aside from this, you can start by recruiting at least two employees.

Next, you can’t run the office for affiliate marketing without mobile or telephones and laptops or computers.

Other optional office requirements include setting up a dealer terminal, installing CCTVs, recording calls, and having a manager’s cabin or reception area.

Groww Partner Dashboard Link

Web Platform

App Platform


Groww offers multiple web platforms, including an algo trading platform, a robo advisory platform, a back-office platform, and a trading terminal.

And each affiliate is provided access to his personal Groww Partner Dashboard. You don’t need to waste your valuable time searching for the official link to the partner dashboard.

Instead, you can click the back-office link given in the above table. This click will take you to the Groww partner dashboard.

Next, enter login credentials, and voila, you will be redirected to your dashboard.

The partner dashboard has several attractive features and functionalities to make it seamless for the partners to manage their and clients’ portfolios.

Groww Affiliate Login

To Groww Affiliate Login, you need to acquire login credentials from the broker. Once registered with Groww as an affiliate, the representative will mail you dashboard account login details.

Head to the dashboard login page and enter your name, code, registered mobile number, and password to log in.

At the partner dashboard, you can monitor your clients’ activities and your income and expenses for the smooth functioning of your business.

You can rectify your actions and improve your affiliate marketing game with updated reports and data.

Groww Associate Backoffice - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Leads Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Monthly Payout Report


In this section, you can learn all Groww Partner Backoffice features in layperson’s language:

Lead Addition Link: This feature lets you quickly add your leads or potential clients to your Groww account. You don’t need to spend much time and effort doing it manually.

Leads Report: With real-time lead reports, you can uncover all the details about your leads. It’s like a big window showing you what results your lead generation efforts produce.

Client Activation Report: When a lead becomes your client and starts trading or investing with Groww, you can track their activities with a client activation report.

Knowing what your clients are up to can help you deliver the right services to them.

Monthly Payout Report: The monthly payout report is the partner’s allowance report stating all his income and expenses.

You can know how much you have earned this month and how much money drained from your bank account as business expenses.

Groww Partner Desk

Call Support


Email Support

It can be challenging to run the affiliate marketing business without partner support. For seamless business operation, it’s a must for you to access Groww Partner Desk.

You can call or email the brokerage house’s partner desk whenever you have any complaints or questions.

The contact number of the Groww partner desk is 9108800604, and the email support ID is [email protected].

The company’s representative will contact you and resolve your complaints within a few hours or days.

Groww Remisier Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

8.61 / 10


8.57 / 10


8.71 / 10


8.64 / 10


8.56 / 10


8.54 / 10

Groww Associate Program - Products Offered






Not offered


Not offered

Mutual Fund



Not offered

IPOs / FPOs / NCDs


Foreign Stocks

Not offered


Not offered


Not offered

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Groww Affiliate Program - Trading Platforms Offered

Trading App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


Foreign Stocks Investment Platform


Backoffice Platfrom


How to Become a Groww Partner? - Eligibility Criteria





Academic Qualification


NISM Certificate

Yes, Compulsory

To Become a Groww Agent, an interested candidate must meet the following discussed eligibility requirements:

First, the interested candidate must be at least 18 and possess Indian nationality.

Next, he must complete his graduation from a recognized university.

In addition, the candidate must have a valid NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) certificate.

Groww will verify and confirm the interested candidate’s eligibility criteria. The franchise will ask him to present essential documents if the result is positive.

You can only collaborate with the broker and earn a commission by referring clients after submitting the necessary documents.

Groww Dealership - Documents Required

Partner Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Groww Affiliate Program – Conclusion

Ending the review, we can say that the Groww Affiliate Program is still in the infant stage.

There are so many opportunities that the franchise can tap into and establish itself as one of the leading brokers in India.

Groww partner program can be an excellent choice for people wanting to try affiliate marketing without investment.

It is an affordable business opportunity with no security deposit or exchange charges.

In a nutshell, beginners can’t find a budget-friendly affiliate program other than the Groww partner model.

FAQs on Groww Associate Business

Below are frequently asked questions related to the Groww affiliate program:

Does Groww provide a Partner Program?

Groww provides a partner program for Indian candidates above 18 years old. The affiliate program is ideal for those wanting to earn money via affiliate marketing without investing a single penny.

How many Associate Partners does Groww have?

Groww has over 100 associate partners.

What is the earning potential of Groww Partner?

Regarding Groww’s partner-earning potential, the franchise offers a commission ranging from 20% to 30%. In addition, the monthly average profit that a partner can make is Rs.82,500.

How can I become a Groww Associate Partner?

You can enroll with the Groww affiliate program by complying with its eligibility criteria.

If you are an Indian, over 18 years old, graduate, and hold an NISM certificate, you will be welcomed as a Groww associate partner.

Who are Groww Agents?

Groww agents can be anyone meeting the broker’s eligibility requirement. They promote the company’s financial products and services and refer new clients to earn commissions.

How much is Groww Affiliate Cost?

Groww offers a highly affordable affiliate program with zero affiliate cost. It means partners need not burden themselves with security deposit or exchange charges.

Moreover, monthly office expenses can be anything from zero to Rs. 30,000.

What is Groww Associates Commission?

The commission rate of Groww associates is 20% to 30%.

Do Groww Agents get back-office access?

Groww agents get back-office access with features like lead addition link, client activation report, monthly payout report, and leads report.

Is Groww Demat Account necessary to become a Partner?

Groww Demat account is imperative to enroll as a partner.

How do you connect with Groww Partner Desk?

Call 9108800604 and email [email protected] to connect with the Groww partner desk.


Customer ratings and reviews of Groww Partner

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