Are you ready to enjoy a severe level of trading game? Make HDFC Securities Demat Account a prudent option for investment and elevate your trading journey to the next level.

If you are tired of mountains of paperwork, say goodbye to that era and get world-class trading features with the HDFC group.

So, the HDFC securities Demat account review is equally important for investors before joining. Besides being hassle-free, this broker is always ready to invest your money smartly.

HDFC believes your financial journey deserves the best. So, be assured, your money is in safe hands!

Broker Type Full Service Broker
Active Demat Accounts 11 Lakh+
Account Opening Charges Rs.199
AMC Rs.750 per Year
Free Account Opening No
Free AMC No

HDFC Securities Demat Account Review by

Overall Rating

9.50 / 10

Account Opening Process

9.46 / 10


9.61 / 10


9.53 / 10

Products & Service

9.44 / 10


9.42 / 10

HDFC Securities Demat Account – Top Features

India’s banking giant HDFC serves the trading section with 2,400+ branches and a strong network of over 20 lakh customers.

It is a one-stop solution for all pockets. Here is the list of reasons that you need to know about the HDFC Securities demat account.

  • A firm brand name of HDFC group, boosting confidence with a good returns history. It is a safe umbrella as one of the country’s oldest and largest stock brokers.
  • Quick updates to cope with online war! This company is one of the top brokerage houses with advanced apps, equipment, and tools.
  • Three-in-one account facility with less paperwork. As per the modified system, some investors can use their trading accounts with savings and demat accounts.
  • Only in FY22 did HDFC securities serve nearly 11 lakh happy clients; FY23 made more additions with a 14 lakh client base. Thus, market confidence and annual growth are crucial reasons to join HDFC.
  • A real-time tracking facility constantly monitors the market and your portfolio. It values your time, money, and decision at the right time.
  • In FY22, the broker signaled a healthy return with an income of ₹1990 crores; PAT increased 2.5 times from the previous FY.

HDFC Securities Demat Account Opening Charges

Account Opening Charges


Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)

Rs.750 per Year

DP Charges

Rs.25 per Scrip only on Sell

Account Closure Charges


Reactivation Charges


Dematerialisation Charges

Rs.50 per Certificate

Call & Trade Charges


This section will learn about the HDFC securities demat account opening fees and other DP charges. The account opening charges are 199 INR for every year.

HDFC Securities AMC charges are 750 INR every year. There are no charges for account closure and reactivation.

Dematerialization charges are 50 INR for every certificate. There are no charges for trade and call. The DP charges are 25 INR for every sell.

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HDFC Securities Demat Account Offers

Free Account Opening


Free AMC


Free Brokerage


Free Research Reports


Free Trading calls


Referral Offers

Rs.200 per Client

HDFC Securities Demat Account Opening Process – Step by Step

From registration to reward, the HDFC Securities demat account opening option is always a paperless and hassle-free work.

You only need some basic bank details and ID proof for primary verification. HDFC focuses on KYC before confirmation.  It takes only a few days, and you will get updates on each step of the joining process.

Despite encouraging online processes, investors can go for offline processes via a completed form and courier to the nearest branch.

The next column discusses on how to open a Demat Account in HDFC securities.

How do you open a Demat Account in HDFC Securities? – Online Process

If you are searching for a Demat account in HDFC securities, this is the proper column to guide you. Here is a step-by-step process to start the journey.

  • First, gather all your essentials like ID proof, bank details, phone number, income details, a cancelled cheque, and an active email address. Then, complete the form at the HDFC securities website or App.
  • HDFC prioritizes a secured KYC process to ensure a smooth investment game.
  • You must upload scanned copies of your documents for a wet signature and in-person verification.
  • Once documents are verified, make an e-sign on the agreement paper for a paperless experience.
  • NRIs have bonus offers like 3-in-1 accounts to enjoy trading and savings facilities.

We hope all your queries about Online Demat Account Opening are answered right now.

How to Open HDFC Securities Demat Account? – Offline Process

Now, here is a twist. Though HDFC loved online operations from day one, you could go offline.

In the offline process, HDFC always welcomes you to the branch office. You should carry all the papers asked by RM over phone consultations.

It helps investors with a same-day verification process. However, a physical submission is encouraged by the authority.

After receiving login credentials, you can start with a suitable Demat plan. This is how to open an HDFC Securities Demat account via offline mode.

Always check their general guidelines before signing the agreement paper. The Stock broker work for your interest as per your risk appetite.

Eligibility Criteria to Open HDFC Securities Account




18+ Years

Active Bank Account


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Documents required to Open HDFC Securities Account

PAN Card Copy


Identity Proof Copy

Any One (PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport)

Address Proof Copy

Any One (Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport)

Bank Account Proof Copy

Any One (Cancelled Cheque, 3 Months Bank Statement, Bank Passbook)

Copy of Income Proof for F&O

Any One (IT Return Certificate, Net Worth Certificate, Salary Slip, 6 Month Bank Statement)

Passport Size Photo


Signature on White Paper


IPV (In-person Verification)


Check the primary documents here if you are ready to open an HDFC Securities account. You need to present a smooth set of these documents :

  • A valid ID proof
  • Bank details( account number and IFSC)
  • Mobile number
  • A cancelled cheque
  • A personal email ID
  • Income and tax details

Furthermore, you can dial RM for a cross-check of all. Having a digital copy or scanned copy of all documents is good.

NRI investors may need some more papers; they can send an email to the care team.

How to Close HDFC Securities Demat Account?

If you decide to say goodbye and want to know how to close your HDFC Securities Demat account, both online and offline processes are here with them.

Online Process:

  • Log in to your HDFC Securities account.
  • Follow the guideline book or click the Service’ section to initiate the process.
  • Download a CDSL form to close the account.
  • Remember to mention the reason for the closure.
  • Look for the option to complete the Demat account in the App or webpage.
  • Follow the instructions, which may include filling out an online account closure form.
  • Submit papers if required; they may include an e-signed closure form and unused slips.

Offline Process:

  • Visit your nearest branch or call the RM.
  • Send a formal request for an account closure form from the helpline desk.
  • Fill out the form with accurate details.
  • Attach required papers like a copy of your verified papers, unused slips, and a signed closure request. Submit the form and documents to the branch.
  • But always ensure that you have cleared all dues. However, it’s good to check with customer service at [email protected] for specific requirements and procedures.

HDFC Securities Demat Account Review – Conclusion

In this ever-changing securities market, HDFC has set an example of quick adaptations to the changing digital world.

Following the growth stories of the last few years, the operation head sounds optimistic and confident about the future with new tactics.

The brokerage house targets safe earnings and healthy valuations in the last few years. The operation team sounds positive for green energy and the IT sector.

They even have a backup plan to support the investor’s interest in a turbulent market or when the equation goes wrong for all weather.

So, the HDFC securities demat account is your protector and values your money enormously.

FAQs on HDFC Securities Demat Account Review

Here is the list of FAQs related to HDFC Securities Demat Account.

How do you create a Demat Account in HDFC Securities?

You can call the helpline number or send an email to [email protected]. Also, you can warmly visit the branch with some of the essential documents mentioned above.

How do you delete an HDFC Securities account?

Notify HDFC and submit a CDSL form. Sometimes, you may get a Delete option directly in the dashboard after clearing all pending issues.

What is AMC in HDFC Securities?

The AMC is 750 INR every year.

What are the Account Opening Fees?

Account opening charges are ₹199. For more updates, refer to the official site.

How do you find a demat account number in HDFC Securities?

You can find the number after logging in to your profile via the App or website.

How do you get a Statement of Demat Holdings in HDFC Securities?

After logging into the account, an updated statement is ready for investors.

What documents are required to open a demat account?

You need ID Proof, address proof, PAN Number, Mobile Number, Email Address, income and tax details.

How long does opening a Demat Account in take?

In the online process, it could take 2 to 5 days maximum. However, the offline process is expected to take ten days.

How do you change your bank account in HDFC Securities?

You can use the eKYC update section or ask for the helpline number for an account modification form.

How do you transfer shares from a Demat Account to HDFC Securities Demat?

Please fill out a DIS slip, sign it, and send it to HDFC Securities. After a quick review, they kickstart the transfer to the depository, finalizing the transfer request.


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