Traders prioritize reliability and user-friendliness when choosing a trading app to install on their mobile devices.

The Fisdom Trading App offers everything traders need to make things stress-free, making it a reliable platform.

In this Fisdom App Review, we’ll analyze every aspect of the app in detail, from its features to its aptness as an alternative for those entering the investment market.

Let’s explore what the application offers and why it’s an excellent choice for traders.

About Fisdom Mobile App

Since its debut on the Play Store in 2016, the Fisdom Mobile App has seen an impressive journey, surpassing a staggering 1M+ customer base.

This online stock broker enhances the mobile user experience by targeting the mobile audience. However, you can see it in the impressive Play Store rating of 4.4+.

Notably, the app imposes no account opening charges, and its absence of AMC fees is also appealing. Users can readily track their watchlists and view holdings and positions while moving.

With the Fisdom Mobile App, investors can trade and invest in various financial assets, including stocks listed on NSE India and BSE India, derivatives, IPOs, ETFs, and F&O, making it one of the best stock market apps available.

Fisdom App: Top Features

In this Fisdom Mobile App Review, we’ll explore its key features and highlight its functionalities and ease of use.

Simple Navigation: Adding funds to the app is easy. Thanks to the unified interface, you can access all financial metrics in one place, including total deposits, withdrawals, and used amounts.

Use metrics such as margin, booked P/L, and more for informed decision-making.

Multiple Payment Options: Wallet, net banking, debit card, and more. Choose from a variety of payment options to fund your account instantly.

The app’s diverse payment options make it easy for users to top up their accounts according to their preferences.

Easy Option Trading: The app facilitates convenient options. You can engage in options trading effortlessly through the app.

For example, you can trade options at market price, limit price, or trigger price for flexibility.

Track Multiple Local and Global Indices: Traders can track various local and global indices to stay informed about market trends and fluctuations.

Market Screeners and Scanners: Market screeners can filter stocks based on specific criteria. Similarly, you can scan the market efficiently to identify potential trading opportunities.

News Alerts: One can even receive timely news alerts regarding market developments and events that may impact your investments.

The app’s news alerts feature keeps users updated on relevant market news, enabling them to make timely investment decisions.

Powerful Charts and Indicators: Access powerful charts and indicators for in-depth technical analysis.

The enhanced visualization provides insights into market trends and patterns through advanced charting features.

Enhanced Features: Similarly, you can access a detailed order book to track execution details, timestamps, and trade numbers.

You can also view your positions and P&L statement for a detailed portfolio overview.

How to Download Fisdom App & Invest in It?

Android App Download Fisdom Android App
iOS App Download Fisdom iOS AP

If you want to join the list of millions of Fisdom App users, you can easily find the Fisdom App Download button on your smartphone’s App Store. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Firstly, log in to your App Store (Play Store or Apple App Store).
  2. Search for the Fisdom App or find the download link here.
  3. Select the app and tap on the “Install” button.
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete, then tap the “Open” button to access the app.
  5. Now, let’s proceed with the login process.

However, some websites may offer older or modified app versions, which can pose security risks. Therefore, it’s advisable to download the app only from the official Play Store or Apple App Store.

How to login to the Fisdom App and start trading?

Before proceeding with the Fisdom Trading App login process, ensure you consent to provide all the required details to the mobile stock broking app.

It includes your Gmail ID, phone number, and documents for eKYC verification. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. If the app is on your device, locate and tap the Fisdom App Icon.
  2. Upon entering the app, you’ll be prompted to sign up using your Gmail address and phone number.
  3. Provide the required details and proceed to log in to the app.
  4. You must complete the e-KYC process to access trading and other financial services.
  5. Coordinate with the app to complete the e-KYC process, and soon you’ll have full access to the Fisdom Trading app.

Fisdom App Charges

Account Opening Charges Free (Limited period Offer)
AMC Rs.299 per Year + GST
Equity Delivery Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Intraday Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Future Rs.20 per Trade
Equity Option Rs.20 per Trade
Commodity Future NA
Commodity Option NA
Currency Future Rs.20 per Trade
Currency Option Rs.20 per Trade

Now, let’s explore Fisdom app charges. How much does the broker levy for their services? Notably, there’s no account opening fee, making access to the app entirely cost-free. Besides, AMC is non-existent.

Fisdom stands out for its remarkably cheap pricing model, offering the lowest brokerage rates.

With zero account opening charges and no demat charges for the first year, users can enjoy trading at a flat rate of ₹20 for equity (delivery, intraday, futures, and options).

Moreover, investors can initiate SIPs with as little as ₹100 and manage them effortlessly, with options to stop or pause SIPs at their convenience.

Benefits of Fisdom Trading App

Finally, this Fisdom Trading App Review reaches some notable benefits of this app.

  • Firstly, the app features an easy-to-use interface that makes investment activities easier for beginners.
  • The digital KYC process is powered by DigiLocker, making account setup hassle-free.
  • There are no transaction or platform fees, ensuring transparency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Access to different investment products, including stocks, ETFs, and bank NIFTY, serving diverse investment options.
  • Flexible investing options, such as SIPs and lump-sum investments, promote disciplined investing habits.
  • Tax-saving opportunities with SIPs in ELSS funds, with easy access to tax statements for filing ITR.
  • Multiple payment modes support major UPI apps, ensuring convenient transactions.
  • Similarly, there’s a centralized view of portfolio activities, including purchasing, redeeming, switching, setting up SIPs, etc.

Fisdom App Review – Conclusion

Through this Fisdom App Review, we discovered many cool features of the online stock broker, which aim to streamline trading and provide users with in-depth market insights.

With its user-friendly navigation and robust analysis tools, Fisdom offers a seamless trading experience for traders at every level.

Also, its reasonable fees make the Fisdom app a go-to choice for beginners or small traders.

FAQs on the Fisdom App

Here is the list of FAQs related to the Fisdom App.

What is the Fisdom Mobile App?

The Fisdom Mobile App is a versatile application that facilitates various financial activities.

It allows individuals to invest directly in mutual funds, stocks, and other financial instruments from their smartphones.

How to earn money from the Fisdom Trading App?

Money can be earned through investing and trading options through the Fisdom trading app.

Is Fisdom App Trusted?

Yes, Fisdom has been operating in the industry for approximately a decade and has helped its clients achieve their goals.

How to change KYC details in the Fisdom App?

You should download the Application first. Then, hit the “Mutual Fund” option; the on-screen instructions will guide you.

Enter your PAN and Aadhar details, and you will be guided further on how to complete your KYC.

What is the use of the Fisdom App?

The Fisdom App serves as a comprehensive platform for managing various financial aspects.

Users can utilize the app for tasks such as investing in mutual funds, stocks, and other financial instruments, tracking their investments, setting financial goals, accessing personalized investment recommendations, and managing their portfolios—all from the convenience of their mobile device.

How to refer to the Fisdom App?

To refer someone to open a Fisdom demat account, you must only meet one eligibility criterion: registering with Fisdom through the stock investing program’s Fisdom Early Access waitlist.

Is F&O trading available on the Fisdom app?

In the Fisdom app, the F&O trading is allowed.

How to add a nominee to the Fisdom App?

To learn about the detailed procedure for adding the Nominee, you need to speak to customer care and learn about the forms that can be downloaded to add the Nominee.

Is Commodity Trading available in the Fisdom App?

Users can do commodity trading on the Fisdom app.

Who is the Founder of the Fisdom App?

Subramanya SV and Anand Dalmia founded Fisdom in 2015.


Customer ratings and reviews of Fisdom App

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