How to Build a Successful Sub Broker Business? – Strategies, Marketing & more

This article answers an important question: How to build a Successful Sub broker Business in India?

The Indian stock market has been doing tremendously well, paving the way for investors and traders to explore new opportunities to earn almighty bucks.

With the increasing interest in the stock market industry, the demand for sub-brokers has increased significantly.

One can effortlessly pull off the sub-broker business by choosing the right stock broker. A sub-broker business is nothing different from entrepreneurship but with the backing of a renowned stock broker in the market.

Anyone can build a successful sub-broker business, provided with proper guidance and ready to accept the ever-changing markets.

It also involves effective collaboration, attracting potential clients, and providing exceptional services to maintain the retainment ratio.

The sub-broker business can be a sustainable income if the authorized person is good at analyzing fluctuating markets.

To know more about the sub-broker business and how to build it successfully, give this article a good read!

How to Build a Successful Sub Broker Business in India

What is a Sub Broker Business?

A sub-broker business is a type of business where sub-brokers act as intermediaries between stock broker companies and traders or investors.

The business is one of the most booming in the industry, given that the stock market has shown significant growth over the years and has the potential to continue to do so.

The need for sub-brokers has also doubled with the increasing demand for stock market investments.

They charge brokerage fees to stock brokers for the clients they have brought in and for the stock exchanges they have pulled off.

These professionals assist the clients with the stock brokers’ guidance regarding strategies, tips, investment funds, etc.

With the expansion of the business and clients, and by inputting experience and expertise, the business goes a long way in making lucrative returns.

How to Build a Successful Sub Broker Business? – Detailed Strategies

Building a successful sub-broker business takes a great effort. Consistency is the key to achieving success in the stock market industry, and one can sustain and stand out from the crowd only by attaining literacy in the stock market field.

Also, the stockbroker with whom you tie up for a sub-broker business matters the most. Choose the stockbroker with its broad wings in this sector to guide you and support you in a successful path.

Choose a stockbroker that offers the best commission in the industry. The sub-brokers can sell the products and services to the clients and receive a commission from the stockbroker.

To expand your business and make decent profits, you must choose a stockbroker with a vast collection of products.

Let us look at the steps in building a successful sub-broker business.

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Client Acquisition – (Marketing Strategies – Free & Paid)

Client acquisition is the first and foremost step after starting a sub-broker business. Effective client acquisition is crucial to building a successful sub-broker business.

Sub-brokers can employ both free and paid marketing strategies to acquire potential clients. Here are the popular strategies to employ as a sub-broker to acquire clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the best practices for helping you appear in the top search results on Google.

You can use strong keywords in your content and add internal links to show up in the top results, thereby targeting leads that generate potential clients.

Content Marketing

Another organic search method for attracting clients is content marketing. This strategy involves creative, diverse content across various channels, so you must be up for an imaginative ride.

Know your target audience and create content that resonates with them to attract them quickly to your website.


You can also try your hand at blogging to acquire new clients for your business. You can choose different topics to create blogs and engage with your audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another successful strategy for building a successful sub-broker business.

Depending on your audience, you must use the proper social media handle and post content accordingly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, like newsletters, can help you grab the target audience’s attention.

Send your newsletter subscribers the latest updates about investments, stocks, trading, market analytics, and more.

Referrals Campaigns

Referrals are also an effective strategy for attracting new clients. You can ask your existing clients to refer new clients to their circle.

PPC Advertising

If you want to try paid marketing strategies, you can try PPC advertising. You can run Google Ads to reach your target audience.

Social Media Ads

You can also run ads on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to target potential clients.

Client Servicing Strategies for Successful Sub Brokership

After client acquisition, the sub-broker must offer exceptional services to keep them engaged.

Top-notch customer service assists in maintaining long-term relationships with clients and enhances their trust and satisfaction with the business.

Let us look at some of the effective strategies for client servicing.

Personalized Services

Understanding the client’s requirements and providing personalized services can help you keep them hooked.

You can connect with them through the mode of preference they prefer and give them a follow-up of the market trends.

Financial Literacy

Educating the client about probable market fluctuations, investment tips, strategies, etc, is essential.

If necessary, you can also ask them to attend the workshops conducted by the stockbrokers to learn about the stock market in detail.

Maintain Transparency

Maintaining transparency with the clients regarding brokerage fees, charges, etc, is essential.

Digital Adoption

With advanced technology taking the stride, adapting and implementing it in client interactions and knowledge sharing is a great idea.

Try using applications to help them connect and check their investment portfolio.

Stay Open to Feedback

Always stay open to feedback from the clients, whether constructive or destructive. It can help you work on your flaws and improve your services afterward.

Client Retention Strategies for Successful Sub Broker Business

Client retention is essential to running any business; the sub-broker business is no exception.

Besides focusing on fetching new clients, you must pay attention to retaining the existing clients to make more profits, which is considered a tried-and-tested strategy.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers return only when they find the services the sub-broker offers exceptional and want to experience them repeatedly.

You must communicate better with your clients and tell them the latest updates beforehand. You have to be most responsive with your clients so they can trust you with their investments.

Offer Financial Literacy

It is crucial to keep your clients financially literate about the stock market and its fluctuations over time.

You can help them participate in the workshops or webinars conducted by the stockbrokers to learn about the stock market from a better point of view.

Referral Program

Provide incentives or bonuses to the clients on successful referrals they provide. You can also reduce the brokerage charges incurred on your services to clients, which comes under loyalty programs.

How to Build a Successful Sub Broker Business? – Conclusion

Well, this is how you can build a successful sub-broker business. If you want to start your entrepreneurial journey as a sub-broker, this article will give you insight into the basics to pull off the business on a grand note.

Also, you can take cues from the existing sub-brokers or reach out to the nearest stockbroker and learn about the strategies and tips they have implemented to become a big name in the industry. You can also follow this page to learn more about the sub-broker business.

FAQs on Successful Sub Broker Business Strategies

Check out the frequently asked questions on how to build a successful sub-broker business.

What are the steps to becoming a sub-broker?

To become a sub-broker, the individual must satisfy the requirements set by the stockbroker and register with the SEBI.

Then, you must learn about the program, set up an office if required, and start your stock broking services.

How to attract clients to the sub-broker business?

You can employ diverse strategies like content marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, social media, networking, and referrals to attract clients to the sub-broker business.

What are client acquisition strategies?

You can rely on content marketing, networking, email marketing, referrals, social media, etc., to acquire clients through the free setup.

On the other hand, you can rely on paid strategies like paid listings, PPC advertising, email campaigns, etc., to find clients.

How necessary is client servicing in a sub-broker business?

Client servicing is considered essential in a sub-broker business, given that most clients return or continue taking the services only when they are satisfied with the services they receive.

What is the importance of technology in the sub-broker business?

Technology has made everything easy and increased efficiency. It has also doubled users’ experience by providing them with various online services at their fingertips.