How to Acquire New Clients in Sub Broker Business? – Online & Offline Strategies

This article emphasises a very important topic in sub-brokership: “How to Acquire New Clients in Sub Broker Business?”

The stock market is the best place for quickly doubling or tripling investments. However, investment decisions should be made with utmost care.

Though starting a sub-broker business is like a walk in the park, bringing it to fruition is difficult. Making things work your way takes a lot of time and effort.

Also, market trends and timely trades matter the most. A sub-broker with extensive knowledge of the market and its frequent fluctuations could help pull off a great financial stunt.

The sub-brokers take care of everything from setting up the franchise to acquiring the clients and keeping up with their retainment by offering them unconventional services.

While everything is on one side, acquiring clients time and again to grow the business is indeed a challenging endeavor.

If you happen to be starting your career as a sub-broker, this article is tailored for you. Here, we have addressed the different strategies to acquire new clients in the sub-broker business. Go over!

How to Acquire New Clients in Sub Broker Business

Strategies to Acquire New Clients in Sub Broker Business

There are distinct strategies for acquiring new clients in a sub-broker business. These strategies are majorly divided into online and offline marketing strategies.

Moreover, sub-brokers can use referral marketing to bring in business. Here, we will look into the most popular strategies for acquiring new clients in the sub-broker business.

Online Marketing

There are numerous ways to do online marketing to attract new clients into the stock market business. We have curated the list of online marketing tools you can rely on to make your business successful.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a common practice used by SEO experts to optimize the website according to the customers’ needs to stand out in the SERP.

You can take a cue from SEO experts to help you optimize your website, who write quality content, use keywords, create strong backlinks, and perform on-page SEO to grab the client’s attention.


You can create a Telegram channel to promote your business. This will help you reach out to potential clients searching for a sub-broker and make a deal with them.

However, you are required to \keep the channel updated all the time with engaging content about the share market, news, tips, etc.


YouTube does not need any introduction. It has become a familiar and popular medium to connect with the audience. So, it would be best to create a dedicated YouTube channel.

You must keep posting videos on investments, strategies, market trends, live streams, webinars, etc. You can conduct live sessions to interact with your clients and answer their queries.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is yet another prevalent strategy for acquiring new clients. You can get assistance from established influencers to tap into the market.

You can conduct collab sessions with the influencers in the stock market field to create awareness about the products and services you sell as a sub-broker.

This also builds trust in you, even though you are a newbie.

Paid Ads

If you want to invest a little in promoting your business, you can use paid services like paid ads. This will help you quickly reach your targeted audience.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are prominent paid ad services most business enthusiasts use.

Tie-up with Finance Sites

To increase your credibility, the best thing you could ever do is to tie up with well-established finance sites.

If you have a footing in writing, you can try guest blogging and writing articles on the stock market and the latest trends.

You can also do affiliate marketing, allowing the finance websites to earn commission on successful referrals.

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Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is another renowned strategy for acquiring new clients in the sub-broker business. Here are some of the in-demand offline marketing strategies for you:

Create a List

Pick clients from your close circle, such as family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc., who are more into the stock market industry and are likely to invest.

Encourage Clients

Ask your clients to trade actively in the top-performing stocks. This helps generate commission, as more trading is equal to more earrings.

You can also suggest and educate them about the stocks that are performing well so that they can trade actively.

Lead Generation Calls

You can also look up lead generation calls as a potential offline marketing strategy. Take a list of the contacts in your circle and their close circle and make calls to generate potential leads.

Offer Tailored Services

Positive word of mouth can help your business grow a lot. It would be best if you were highly focused on offering tailored services to your clients so they can consider recommending you to their close prospects.

Be one step ahead of them and offer them services the way they like. It will help you and your business flourish.

Referral Marketing

Lastly, referral marketing is also a popular strategy for acquiring new clients in the sub-broker business.

You can ask your existing clients to refer your business and services to their friends and family and offer them a referral bonus for every potential client they refer.

It is one of the most used marketing strategies for acquiring clients.

How to Acquire New Clients in Sub Broker Business? – Conclusion

There are numerous advantages that a sub-broker can enjoy when starting a sub-broker business.

With advantages come minor disadvantages, but one can overcome them quickly with consistency and hard work.

Regarding client acquisition, acquiring new clients in the sub-broker business is not as challenging as it seems, given that the above marketing strategies are employed aptly.

Depending on your comfort, you can rely on paid or unpaid marketing to raise the bar. Whether you choose online, offline, or referral marketing, the choice is yours, and the results will follow.