Introducing the Espresso Partner program for finance geeks! This program is tailored for stock broking enthusiasts seeking a blend of success with simplicity.

The brain-child of Sharekhan, the Espresso partner program, is an amicable solution for all pockets. The partner program offers a unique opportunity to become a valued part of the trading community.

Whether you’re a seasoned stockbroker or new to the financial world, the program is for you.

By partnering with the expanding part of the Sharekhan group, you get exclusive benefits, expert guidance, and good returns.

So, sip your expresso, trade, and enjoy their Espresso Affiliate program. Furthermore, investors can start with an average Rs.30,000 with a target profit of Rs.70,500!

Type of Broker Discount Broker
Total Partners 100+
Total Investment Rs.3,000 – Rs.33,000
Partners Commission 40% – 50%
Avg. Monthly Profit Approx. Rs.70,500
Breakeven Time Within 1 month
Payout Time 30 days

Espresso Partner Program - Types of Business

Partner Program


Sub Brokership

Yes, Limited

Refer and Earn


Why Partner with Espresso?

Have a look at Espresso Affiliate partner’s outstanding advantages for you. Partners and agents have high earning potential from each client, including the revenue-sharing model.

You can make up to Rs.1.5 lakh in every month.

  • Becoming an Expresso partner opens the door to reliable income and assures timely payouts. So, a steady flow of income is ensured.
  • You don’t need to invest considerable money to become an affiliate partner. Precisely, you can start with zero security deposit!
  • A dedicated team for account opening support is there so that you can start the journey without an issue.
  • The Espresso affiliate program is available in multiple languages. So, you can reach a wider audience and help them to join as clients.
  • Plus, clients need to pay zero brokerage if they make a loss. It reflects Sharekhan’s confidence in strategy.

Espresso Affiliate Cost or Investment

Security Deposit (One Time)


Exchange Charges (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Zero - Rs.30,000

If you consider the Espresso Affiliate program, it’s good to understand the costs involved. First and foremost, there is no security deposit required.

It ensures their financial promise remains high. However, there is a one-time expense of Rs.3,000 for exchange charges.

This charge is applied on the exchange market. So, it is not a burden from the finance house. Apart from this, partners have flexibility for ongoing monthly expenses.

You can avoid office expenses like extra burdens at the initial stage and start from zero. Alternatively, it is affordable if you want a more professional setup from day one.

You may need monthly office expenses of up to Rs.30,000. It changes as per the market value of the place.

You may need an office setup after getting a huge volume of daily tasks. Espresso affiliate designs cost structure for all pockets.

Espresso Partner Commission

Revenue Sharing

40% - 50%

Per Client Acquisition


With the Espresso affiliate program, the commission structure indicates their generosity to reward partners. If you check the revenue sharing model, it indicates a 40% to 50% share.

Affiliate partners always get significant benefits for the business they bring in. Espresso partner commission is the way of good incomes.

In addition, the program provides clear and attractive incentives for client’s joining. Also, the amount is Rs.300 offered per client acquisition.

This means for every new client, you also enrich your earning scope. So, Espresso is the proper place to join if you want to maximize your earnings from incentives and revenue sharing.

In this mutual benefit market, they always do the best for their partners.

Espresso Partner Profits or Income

Check out Profits & Expenses forecast of Espresso Affiliate Program.

Total Clients 660
Active Clients 200
Avg. Commission per Client 850
Total Brokerage 1,70,000
Partner’s Share (50%) 85,000
New Client Acquisition 35
Client Acquisition Income 10,500
Partner’s Income 95,500
Total Expenses 25,000
Partner’s Net Profit 70,500
Net Profit Margin 41%

Let’s find the earnings and costs, including what partners can expect with the Espresso Affiliate. Currently, they have 660 clients, with 200 of them active on board.

As per the chart, each client brings in an average incentive of Rs.850. This adds up to a total brokerage of Rs.1,70,000.

As a partner, you get 50% of this, which means Rs.85,000 goes into your pocket. Suppose you have acquired 35 new clients, which brings in an extra Rs.10,500.

So, your total income as a partner is Rs.95,500. However, it is an average picture of Espresso associate profits. The market can regulate its ups and downs.

Now, let’s talk about cost. Your expenses amount to Rs.25,000. So, it ends with a net profit of Rs.70,500. When you look at this in percentage terms, your net profit margin is a healthy 41%.

This forecast shows that the Espresso Affiliate Program can bring in good income while keeping expenses in check.

Moreover, earning and growing your financial success with Espresso is a promising opportunity.

Espresso Partner Offers

Commission above 30%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Free Delivery Trading


Flat Brokerage Charges


1st Month Free Brokerage


Zero Brokerage on Loss Making Trades


If you check Espresso Agent offers, you will find that a significant profit goes to affiliate partners. They care for you with good incentives and revenue-sharing offers.

First, partners have an attractive offer of 30% commission, which means you can earn well. However, there is no zero investment option.

It would be best to have a minimum capital to start with them. If you want to know about partner support, they have no free advisory but offer free delivery trading. It saves some costs for partners.

In addition, they provide a flat brokerage charge, and it indicates a transparent price policy.

Though Espresso does not allow first-month free brokerage, the program provides the advantage of zero brokerage on loss-making trades.

It means the firm helps partners when trades go differently than planned. Including good incenting and revenue share, the firm’s zero brokerage on loss-making trades adds a layer of security to your risk zone.

Espresso Associate Program SWOT Analysis

Get insights with our SWOT analysis of the Espresso partner program. It helps you make informed decisions.


  • It is backed by the strong brand name Sharekhan. It helps partners in sales and marketing, and you can join with a small investment.
  • High incentive and flat brokerage fee.
  • Partners can earn from the incentive and revenue share model.
  • Sharekhan’s trading community is enormous. It helps to build a network. Top finance strategists of the country help partners.
  • Free product training and support (a 7-day fully online course that’s suitable for beginners).


  • No free advisory support and guidance
  • Limited trading option in the platform; rivals have a better option
  • 1st month trial period is not free


  • The country’s potential for trading communities
  • Considering some offers like free trade for trial could make it more useful.
  • Product line expansion in a trading platform


  • Some startups come with better prices and encourage free trading for the first few months.
  • An uncertain market with red flags like inflation and recession
  • Regulators can issue tight norms, and cyberattacks are problems.

Espresso Affiliate Program - Support

Acquisition Support


Products Training




Advisory Support


Backoffice Support


Marketing Support

Yes, Limited

From product training to sales guides, the Espresso affiliate support is here to help partners with additional systems.

Firstly, it has sales support. It allows partners to bring new clients into the trading world. In addition, product training is available with a complete lecture and tutorials.

Despite some limitations on free assistance, the Espresso team has strong back-office support for affiliates.

On the other side, Espresso offers back-office support to manage your daily operations. They have limited marketing and promotional support also.

You may need to outsource some webinars or advisory assistance in your journey. In summary, they have almost all basic support for partners, but premium support demands some price.

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Espresso Partner Program - Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

150 - 200 sq.ft.

No. of Employees

Atleast 2 (Optional)

Dealer Terminal

Not mandatory

Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers



Not mandatory


Not mandatory

Managers Cabin

Not mandatory

If you want to start as an Espresso agent, your office setup is flexible. There is no vast expense of office infra. However, getting an average idea before beginning the journey is good.

Partners need an office space ranging from 150 to 200 square feet, which is minimum. Plus, at least two employees are required for daily office tusks, but it is optional. It depends on your workload and business volume.

Here is what is essential for the program —

Partners need a mobile or telephone for proper contact. In addition, a laptop or desktop is also mandatory to run daily operations.

You can choose the call recording option as optional. However, it is good to understand the client’s needs better.

Initially, you do not need to install CCTV in the reception area or a manager’s cabin. But after a certain period, it is necessary for the business.

So, you have complete freedom to manage and reduce your operation costs with the partner program.

Espresso Partner Dashboard Link

Web Platform

App Platform


If you want to get success in online platforms, its dashboard plays an important role. Here comes the Espresso partner dashboard with unique features.

It is the central point for managing your partnership. Just click the above link to get a glimpse of the dashboard.

You can track your daily progress and earnings through it. You can easily access the data and daily practices with a simple layout.

Not only from mobile and web, it also can be run through Binge. Moreover, the dashboard offers in-depth analysis.

Thus, they help partners and agents to make the best decisions. Plus, it provides intelligent and fast access to various tools and resources.

It’s designed to be user-friendly so that a new partner or experienced one can use it smoothly.

Espresso Affiliate Login

If you are confident to join the partner program, you need to generate a login ID and password. Espresso affiliate login is the gateway to the platform.

Once you click the above link, the login screen appears with the request for input details. Users may need to provide basic details and some documents to verify the process.

After verification, you will receive a welcome email with an active client ID and password. It may take some working days to proceed. So, please make contact with their team.

After a successful login, users get access to their personalized partner account. It opens the door to various features like trading, operation, and finance regulation.

Espresso Associate Backoffice - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Leads Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Monthly Payout Report


To understand their secret sauce, let’s look at Espresso Partner Backoffice.

Firstly, partners get a Lead Addition link to boost their growth at an initial stage. It is useful for a new partner to start the growth journey.

However, you can manage offline lead generation through sales funnels. There is always flexibility for partners. In addition, the system allows lead information and tracking.

But backend changes to lead information are not supported, and lead deletion is also unavailable. It ensures data integrity from both sides. So, partners should focus on fewer errors while doing data entry.

Partners can directly generate detailed reports like client activation reports and leads reports. It supports them with trade insights and helps monitor growth.

Monthly payout reports are also available to make the process faster and smoother. Though client’s portfolio reports are not provided, the Espresso Backoffice is designed with essential tools.

Espresso Partner Desk

Call Support


Email Support

Whether you need help with account-related matters or any other support, Espresso’s Partner Desk is always available to provide you with the right solution.

Undoubtedly, you may face some difficulties at the initial stage. Espresso has a customer care base, including a dedicated RM team, to cover this gap.

For immediate help, you can reach out to their call support at 022-67670700. Alternatively, if you prefer to chat, you can email your queries or concerns to [email protected].

Feel free to call them or shoot an email for a quick solution. So, boost your business without friction with their helping hands.

Espresso Remisier Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

7.79 / 10


7.76 / 10


7.88 / 10


7.82 / 10


7.74 / 10


7.73 / 10

Espresso Associate Program - Products Offered









Mutual Fund



Not offered

IPOs / FPOs / NCDs


Foreign Stocks

Not offered




Not offered

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Espresso Affiliate Program - Trading Platforms Offered

Trading App


Web Trading Platform


Trading Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


Foreign Stocks Investment Platform


Backoffice Platfrom


How to Become a Espresso Partner? - Eligibility Criteria





Academic Qualification


NISM Certificate

Yes, Compulsory

If you become an Espresso agent, you can deal with multiple products once you join. However, they should qualify for some minimum criteria as follows.

  • A 21-year-old is the minimum age limit to join the program.
  • Any Indian citizen can join the platform.
  • Also, Graduation is the minimum criterion. It aims to ensure a basic understanding of the market.
  • NISM certificate required for market expertise. This certification advocates your grasp of the securities market.

Espresso Dealership - Documents Required

Partner Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Espresso Affiliate Program – Conclusion

The Espresso Affiliate program empowers partners to grow with attractive incentives, a user-friendly dashboard, and full support.

So, Espresso is the perfect house if you are an independent financial advisor or social media influencer and want to start a finance business.

Their focus on client acquisition and zero brokerage on loss-making trades adds a unique advantage.

New-generation bosses like Mr Kalyan and Mr. Chandresh Khon are raising hope for Sharekhan’s extended body.

They always focus on reducing risks with more returns for clients and partners. However, they should work on the development of platforms to sustain.

Overall, it is a promising avenue to financial success for those willing to do so.

FAQs on Espresso Associate Business

Here are various FAQs related to the Espresso Associate Partner Program.

Does Espresso provide a Partner Program?

Yes, Espresso has a partner program. Partners have both side’s income from incentives and revenue share. Even you can get 40% to 50% of revenue sharing. In addition, partners can join with a minimum investment.

How many Associate Partners does Espresso have?

As per the latest data, they have 100+ partners in the program.

What is the earning potential of Espresso Partner?

Expresso offers a revenue share of 40% to 50%. Moreover, partners are rewarded with Rs.300 for each new acquisition.

How can I become a Espresso Associate Partner?

You can follow the criteria mentioned above to join. In short, a 21-year-old Indian graduate needs a NISM certificate to enter.

Who are Espresso Agents?

Affiliate partners are called agents. You can start without a significant investment. Read the above section about the process of joining.

How much is Espresso Affiliate Cost?

Fortunately, there are no security deposits. It encourages small partners to join. You can add a cost of Rs.30,000 to the monthly operation. Partners can avoid it at a primary stage.

What is Espresso Associates Commission?

As per performance, affiliates can get 40% to 50% revenue. For top performers, they share almost half of the profit with agents and partners. In addition, players are awarded Rs.300 for a new account opening.

Do Espresso Agents get backoffice access?

Yes, Express offers complete support from the back office.

Is Espresso Demat Account necessary to become a Partner?

Yes, the Demat account is critical to opening the partner program

How to connect with the Espresso Partner Desk?

You can call 022-67670700 or mail them to [email protected].


Customer ratings and reviews of Espresso Partner

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