Become a Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor Today! Phonepe, India’s fastest digital payment App, is heading towards the mutual fund market.

The Walmart-owned startup already has a 49% market share in digital payment systems in this rapidly changing digital area.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Advisors are committed to similar growth and hope to capture the market with the best funds.

In addition, a Phonepe Mutual Fund seller starts with zero distributorship fee and minimum operation cost.

Despite being a significant player in digital payment systems, Phonepe aims to achieve a hefty AUM in the next few years. Thus, it opens an opportunity for money-minded individuals or corporates.

Type of Distributorship Sub Distributor
Total Distribution Network 50+
Total Investment Zero – Rs.40,000
Distributors Commission 0.6% to 1.2% of AUM
Avg. Monthly Profit Rs.44,324
Breakeven Time 1 – 2 Months
Payout Time 30 Days

Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor - Company Overview


Mutual Fund Distributor

Organization Type


Head Office



Sameer Nigam

Founded In (year)


Distributorship Tenure

5 years

Why become a Phonepe Mutual Fund distributor?

If you want to become a Phonepe Mutual Fund advisor, it will be a rewarding opportunity for the long term.

The Flipkart-backed game-changing platform already reshape India’s payment procedure. The intelligent payment giant is expected to grow in the mutual fund market following the same trend.

So, financial professionals have some strong reasons to join the platform:

  • The days of complex investment process have gone when Phonepe enters the promising market. You better understand the lowest paperwork from the house of the cashless payment system.
  • According to millions of users’ experiences, Phonepe is famous for its simplicity, innovation and accessibility. Distributors can establish these experiences for onboarding new clients despite a new platform.
  • Whether you are a new or experienced advisor, this wealth management house supports you with top-notch tech support. Moreover, it has trended to the quick adaptation of technological advancement.
  • Also, Phonepe Mutual Fund puts your advisory business at your fingertip with their cutting-edge App. It will reduce sellers’ operation costs and help them easily crack the break-even point (Profit point).

Phonepe Mutual Fund Seller Commission

Revenue Sharing

0.6% to 1.2% of AUM

Per Client Acquisition


Phonepe offers an attractive revenue-sharing model without the burden of distributorship fees or any upfront fees.

However, Phonepe distributor commission depends on assets under management (AUM), ranging from 0.6% to 1.2%.

For example, if the fund seller provides a business of Rs.10,00,000, the advisor could receive Rs.6,000 to Rs.12,000 without a significant investment.

However, the incentive may be lower than other wealth management firms. But the zero distributorship cost is an added advantage for a low-risk investment.

The firm earned praise for its sellers-centric image, but there is no compromise to provide you with essential marketing, training and other backup support.

To increase your earning potential with Phonepe distributorship, you must ensure valuable advice for clients.

Thus, sellers can make a monthly net profit between Rs.45,000 to Rs.50,000 at the end of the month after all expenses.

In addition, you can support potential clients with personalized investment solutions. It is worth noting that Phopepe also offers a mutual fund as a distributor with ARN number 187821.

So, it has a separate department entirely as a wealth broking company.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Advisor Cost or Investment

Distributorship Fees (One Time)


Office Expenses (Monthly)

Zero - Rs.40,000

Undoubtedly, the primary goal of Mutual Fund investors is to crack the break-even point with minimal investment.

And Phonepe, like a few wealth management companies, can help you to reduce operation costs.

With zero distributorship cost, a Phonepe advisor can make a monthly net profit of Rs.45,000 at the initial stage. However, it is good to consider some office setup-related cost that appears every month.

Depending on cities and their market values, the operation cost could touch anywhere between Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000.

However, on average, the amount is almost Rs.40,000. Sellers have to make a one-time investment in the office.

But it is not mandatory as the platform relies on its online sales funnels. So, Phonepe Mutual Fund’s distributor cost is almost nominal.

So, grab the opportunity of the growing ecosystem and fulfil your goal with the client’s objective. Phonepe Mutual Fund is a perfect option if you are looking for a low-investment opportunity.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributorship – Expected Profits & Income

The table below shows expected profits, AUMs & Income that you can make, if you become Phonepe MF Advisor.

Active Lumpsum Clients 20
Avg. AUM per Client – Lumpsum (Rs.) 81,300
Total AUM – Lumpsum (Rs.) 1626000
Active SIP Clients 810
Avg. AUM per Client – SIP (Rs.) 8,130
Total AUM – SIP (Rs.) 65,85,300
Total AUM (Rs.) 82,11,300
Distributor’s Share (Rs.) (1.1% of AUM) 90,324
New Client Acquisition 50
Client Acquisition Income (Rs.) 0
Total Distributors Income 90,324
Total Expenses 46,000
Distributor’s Net Profit 44,324
Net Profit Margin 49.07%

Enter the world of opportunity with Phonepe Mutual Fund and start your dream mutual fund business. Moreover, you can join without an office setup and distributorship fee!

To illustrate the ground reality, let’s begin your advisory service with 20 clients, each investing Rs.81,300.

It adds up to Rs.16,26,000 investment (AUM) in Phonepe Mutual Fund. Let’s figure out some SIP clients to empower your primary client base.

Suppose you have 810 active SIP clients on board, and you secure Rs.8,130 from each of them. Your SIP collection is Rs.65,85,300, making the whole AUM from 830 clients is Rs.82,11,300.

Here we consider your distributor share is 1.1% of AUM. So, your gross profit is Rs.90,324 at the end of the month.

After deducting office rent, expenses and employee salaries, your monthly take-home reaches an impressive Rs.44,324. In total, the net profit is almost 49%.

So, an advisor with low-cost investments can enjoy the high-profit opportunities with Phonepe MF’s financial advisory business.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Agent Offers

Commission above 1%


Zero Investment


Free Advisory


Direct Mutual Fund


If you want to start your financial advisory service with minimal investment, Phonepe Mutual Fund should be your prime destination.

Active distributors are rewarded with an incentive of 0.6% to 1.2% of AUM (Assets Under Management) per your sales goal.

While some advisors might find a relatively low encouragement, zero upfront cost advocates the share.

The absence of entry fees, which could have an average range from Rs.70,000 to Rs.80,000, makes Phonepe a more profitable destination for sellers.

So, embrace the opportunity without a financial burden and enjoy a flexible financial solution.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributorship SWOT Analysis

Here is the detailed SWOT analysis for Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor.


  • $12 billion giant payment solution appears as a cash-rich MF house.
  • Flipkart-backed firm has a monthly share between 45% to 49% in payment solutions.
  • No distributorship fee ( save up to Rs.1,00,000).
  • 400 million listed users in the leading platform with 63 tech-support.
  • Flexible solutions with multiple products from the house of an experienced distributor of MF.


  • New in the AMC business
  • Avoid targeting Tier I, and Tier II cities in entry-level
  • Less presence in the offline market


  • The company plans to expand its mutual fund business, raising funds
  • Financial literacy could help to generate business in Tier 3 or Tier 4 cities
  • Brand names of supporting teams like Flipkart, and Walmart help to catch the market


  • Targets to sell products in Tier 3 and Tier 4 towns
  • Low incentives could discourage finance enthusiasts
  • The economic downturn and regulatory norms

Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor Support

ARN Generation Support


Acquisition Support


Products Training




Advisory Support


RM Support


Backoffice Support


Marketing Support

Yes, Limited

Once distributors join the promising wealth management team, they will get a full fledge Phonepe distributor support from a Walmart-backed finance giant.

Despite having no upfront fees, Phonepe supports its sellers at an extreme level. However, advisors may need to afford monthly office-related expenses of Rs.40,000.

You can avoid the office for a few quarters because it is not mandatory. But the growing volume of business is the reason to take over an office space for daily-based operation.

From ARN generation to training support, distributors will get various resources. The training programme includes marketing guidance, webinars and training-related materials.

In addition, they have web solutions so advisors can manage their clients effectively and scan performances.

Phonepe supports its team members with a backup office team to encourage promotional activities.

However, contact the representative if you need advisory, mentor or RM support before starting.

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Phonepe MF Distributor Office Requirement

Area in Sq. Ft.

150 - 200 Sq. Ft. (Optional)

No. of Employees

Atleast 2 (Optional)

Dealer Terminal


Mobile or Telephones


Call Recording


Laptops or Computers






Managers Cabin


Phonepe welcomes new joiners with zero entry fee, a refreshing gesture from the traditional concept.

At the initial stage, distributors can start operations without office space, but you need it after a certain period.

You require a professional space to meet clients and other operational activities. However, the physical office is not mandatory at a primary stage; you can enjoy liberty for a period.

  • For making smooth customer communication, choose a prime location. According to experts, 150 to 200 sq ft of office space should be enough as the business is highly reliable online.
  • It should have high-speed internet, laptops or computers, phones, and CCTV.
  • Ensure a small space for personalized customer interaction.
  • You can employ at least two business development executives or trainees per your budget. They are helpful for lead generation and cold calls. For the short term, you can hire finance interns to reduce costs.
  • In addition, a scanner is helpful to proceed with scanning copies of clients, KYC data verification and digital signature. And always make sure that you have all marketing materials on hand.
  • Decorate the office professionally to reflect your brand’s personality, not a sales advertisement.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Seller Dashboard Link

Web Platform

The Phonepe Mutual Fund advisor dashboard is a key to opening your door for investment business. You can download the App from a link or start from the webpage.

Despite having 400 million users, the distributor section is user-friendly and helps make an informed decision daily.

Advisors are updated with clients’ holdings, portfolios, investments, and current trends from a single App.

In addition, the dashboard contains performance metrics with profit-making indicators. Thus, it helps clients and distributors make informed decisions with better recommendations.

Moreover, advisors can access market trends and analysis with incentive reports.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Agent Login

Phonepe is considered India’s one of the best and most secure apps. You can provide them with all the essential data without a second thought.

They utilize and share it in a limited way, even if you can ask them to delete it. The dashboard generated a sales report with an adjusted commission rate.

However, you need an ARN number to start but don’t worry if you have yet to. The Phonepe team can help you out.

You can begin managing clients’ portfolios and tracking after using a login id and password.

It will be provided after your verification. Also, get ready with supporting documents during validation.

Phonepe Mutual Fund Advisor Backoffice Platform - Features

Lead Addition Link


Manual Lead Addition


Lead Stage Info


Lead Info Backend Change


Lead Deletion


Leads Report


Clients Payment Report


Clients Activation Report


Clients Portfolio Report


Auto Debit Request - SIP


Monthly Payout Report


Phonepe MF Seller Review or Ratings by

Overall Rating

7.98 / 10


8.02 / 10


5.87 / 10


8.08 / 10


7.88 / 10


8.16 / 10

Phonepe MF Advisor - Products Offered

SIP Mutual Fund


Lumpsum Mutual Fund


Direct Mutual Fund












IPOs / FPOs / NCDs








Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor - Investment Platforms Offered

Mobile Investment App


Web Investment Platform


Desktop Investment Terminal


Algo Trading Platform


Robo Advisory Platform


Thematic Investment Platform


ETF Platform


Backoffice Platfrom


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How to Become a Phonepe Mutual Fund Agent? - Eligibility Criteria


24 Years & above



Academic Qualification


NISM Certificate

Yes, Mandatory

ARN Generation

Yes, Mandatory

To become a Phonepe Mutual Fund distributor, check your eligibility and apply. It is a simple and quick process.

  • Nationality: Applicants must be Indian citizens.
  • Age: A minimum age of 24 years is essential.
  • Qualification: A valid graduate degree from a recognized university in India, accredited by UGC or AIU.
  • Essential certification: Applicants need a valid National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) certificate and an ARN from AMFI.
  • Login process: Once you have arranged all certifications and qualified eligibility, ask customer care or mail them. You will be given a user id and password after verification.

Phonepe MF Distributor - Documents Required

Distributorship Agreement


Identity Proof - Aadhaar


Address Proof - Aadhaar / Rental Agreement




Passport Size Photo


Bank Account Details


Bank Cancelled Cheque


Phonepe MF Distributor – Conclusion

In this digital and mixed economy, diversification of asset investment is the goal for a large section of Indians.

Supporting the trend, Phonepe set a record number of transactions in 2022 i.e. 2.2 billion.

Walmart’s promising startup, Phonepe, is now a $12 billion giant with multiple finance solutions from banking to insurance.

In addition, the wealth management firm also has experience as a mutual fund distributor. It handles various profit-making funds for clients.

So, as an ambitious capital market lover, you are assured of market advantages with the Bengaluru-based unicorn’s strong brand image.

You can provide the best fund to your client with customized recommendations. It includes Mid and Small-cap Funds, Index Funds, Hybrid – Aggressive & Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds, Tax-Saving Funds and many more.

FAQs on Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor

Here is the list of Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributorship FAQs:

How many distributors does Phonepe have?

Phonepe just started operation with 50 clients. Experts are hopeful about its growth.

Is Phonepe Mutual Fund Agency Safe?

Yes, Phonepe is India’s number one digital payment house. It applied for an AMC license in 2022.

What is Phonepe Mutual Fund Distributor Commission?

It depends on various funds. On average, distributors can expect 0.6% to 1.2% of AUM.

How much are Phonepe Distributorship Fees?

Joining Phonepe as a distributor, seller, or advisor is no distributorship fee.

Does Phonepe provide ARN Generation Support?

Yes, Phonepe supports its sellers to get an ARN number to join as a distributor.

Is Phonepe a Stock Broker?

Yes, Phonpe has a separate department for wealth management and stock broking.

Is Phonepe an AMC?

Phonepe applied for an AMC license in 2022; it is now known as PHONEPE WEALTH BROKING PRIVATE LIMITED. It is also working as a corporate distributor with a valid ARN number.

Who is the founder of Phonepe?

Backed by Walmart, the unicorn startup was started in 2015 by Sameer Nigam, Burzin Engineer and Rahul Chari.

Is Phonepe registered with SEBI?

Phonepe applied for SEBI registration in 2022.

Does Phonepe Distributor provide Direct MF Investment?

You can invest directly in MF through Phonepe App. The platform also works as an MF distributor.


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